Visit the cities of the Silver Crown

The Kremlin of Veliki Novgorod

The Kremlin of Veliki Novgorod ©archer10 (Dennis)/Flick

When you have many days to spend in the city of Moscow you have the opportunity to go on different trips or to make it by your own with a car you rent. Those who like the old Russia should definitely visit the smaller historical cities and settlements where the passing of time can be hardly observed.

Today we present you how should look like a 3-days tour of the cities of the Silver Crown starting from Moscow, including Velikii Novgorod, Vyshnij Volochek and Valdai. If you want to make this visit in a group, you can join others at the „VDNH” metro station.

First day of the Silver Crown tour

Each of the three settlements of the Silver Crown of Russia are interesting and beautiful and definitely wort to be visited.  Vyshnij Volochek can be reached in about 4.5 hours from Moscow lyind on the ancient Russian trade route. The city of Vyshnij Volochek is known as the Russian Venice, the rivers and canals being the main attraction of the city spanning on 32 km.

After a lunch served in the city you can start to visit the main attractions. You must spend time at the canals, then you can visit the cathedral of the city. After this you should continue your trip to Velikii Novgorod to spend the night there.

In Vyshny Volochek

In Vyshny Volochek ©Aided_Eye/Flick

Second day of the Silver Crown tour

Velikii Novgorod, one of the oldest cities in Russia, founded on the banks of the Volkhov in the second half of the 9th century, kept the examples of old Russian architecture and applied art of the 9th-14th century. After breakfast you can take a tour visiting the main attractions of this magical city of the Silver Crown including the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Sofia and then, after lunch you can go to the Museum of old architecture.

The Kremlin of Veliki Novgorod

The Kremlin of Veliki Novgorod ©archer10 (Dennis)/Flick

Third day of the Silver Crown tour

On the last day of your tour travel to the city of Valdai, another settlement of the Silver Crown in Russia that is widely known for craft bell manufacturing. Not only the local craftsmen present you this interesting art, but you also have the opportunity to call the bells if you visit the Museum of bells in Valdai. The Iver Sveatoozerskii men Monastery of Our Lady is famous of its miraculous icon of Our Lady of Iver and the amazing history of this place.

After lunch you can head back to Moscow with many new memories and a great experience leaving behind the cities of the Silver Crown.

Valdai at night

Valdai at night © Ilya Schurov/Flick



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