Trans Siberian Railway, the vertebral column of Russia

Trans Siberian Railway in Russia

Trans Siberian Railway in Russia @yeowatzup/Flick

The Trans Siberian Railway is the longest and most famous railway in the world. The Trans Siberian route is really impressive. Over the more than 9000 kilometers you will find various forms of relief, a variety of people and cultures and, last but not least, the Lake of Baikal.

Originally the route was called The Great Siberian Way, the abbreviation “Transsiberian” belonging to Western travelers. As has become very popular in a short time, this name has been preserved until today. The Trans Siberian Raiway is the vertebral column of Russia, the only railway line that crosses the whole country, from one end to another.

A truly unique experience

Its unique status takes its toll on the economy and tourism of the country – which is why it was actually built more than 100 years ago. To traverse the whole way, you need more than six days. The Trans Siberian Railway is the longest and most important journey with train in the world that is worth doing at least once in a lifetime.

The Trans Siberian Railway is traversing over Russia, is crossing Mongolia and eventually arrives to China. If you have time to stop along the way, you will meet all kinds of people with all sorts of customs and traditions. You will discover what it means Siberia, you will enjoy the image of the Lake of Baikal, the largest and deepest natural lake in the world. Another reason why you should not miss the Transsiberian is that it is the cheapest solution to travel to Asia.

The Angara River from the Trassiberian Railway

The Angara River from the Trassiberian Railway @Jim Linwood/Flick

Some interesting details of the Transsiberian

The Transsiberian is totaling 9288 km, passing over the highest bridge built over the River of Amur, at a height of 2612 m. It also crosses the longest tunnel (2 km) at an altitude of 8140 m, it traverses 19% of Europe and 81% of Asia. It is passing through 87 cities and more than 16 rivers (including the Volga, Ob, Enisey, Oka, Amur), through 207 km along the coast of Lake Baikal and 39 km along the Sea of Japan.

Trans Siberian Railway in Russia

Trans Siberian Railway in Russia @yeowatzup/Flick

To book a ticket, you have two options: a trip organized by a travel agency or you can travel on your own. A journey from Moscow to Vladivostok cost about $250, this including second class travel at berth with four beds.

If you decide to make a tour with the Trans Siberian Railway of Russia, you will certainly remain with an unforgettable experience that you will probably want to repeat.

Tunnel near Irkutsk

Tunnel near Irkutsk @scjody/Flick


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