Traditional Russian Cuisine

Beet Soup ©Christabelle/flickr

Beet Soup ©Christabelle/flickr

Beet Soup, the Borshch is the most famous and hearty soup with full of meat and vegetables. It is usually top with a nice dollop of fresh sour cream. Pirozhki are are little pastries and sometimes they are full of meat, cabbage, cheese or potatoes. Ikra or caviar are briny and sharp, mostly served on crusty bread or blini. Blini are crepes and some called it pancakes, the difference it is served rolled. The way to eat it is caviar on buttered bread. It is Zakuska which means ‘little bite’ in the original Russian language. These little bites are eaten before the meal like an appetizer and enjoyed with champagne or vodka. Sometimes, it is traditional to have it with pickled herring or marinated vegetables. Fillings for Blini includes mushroom, caviar, sour cream, butter, onions, cheese, jam or even chocolate syrup. In Spring time, there is a carnival called Maslenitsa where pancakes are feasted. It symbolize the warm round golden sun.

Shashlyk, The Russian Kebabs

With combinations of meat and vegetables, these Shashlyk are pretty much like the kebab. Shashlyk means skewed meat, and it is a form of Shish kebab. This dish has its meat threaded on a grilled or skewer, typically lamb and alternating with vegetables cut into cubes (like eggplant, bell pepper, tomato, onion and mushroom)


These are pastry dumplings filled with meatballs with different ways to serve it. The name literally means ‘ear bread’. Sometimes, it is slathered in butter, with sour cream toppings, at times in a soup broth. Sour cream is used in almost any traditional Russian food like crepes, dessert, soups, you name it. The morozhenoe is also popular, they are with fruit toppings, with chocolate or even nuts. Beers, Russian vodka, soda, tea or mineral water are beverages serve on their local menus.


This is a luxury delicacy. Malossol means lightly salted and the Russian caviar is considered to be the finest available in the world. Russians were one of the first to harvest and process caviar for consumption.

Russian Meat Dishes

Russian Dish ©voraah/flickr

Russian Dish ©voraah/flickr

The three principal types of meat dishes includes, the poultry dishes, boiled meat piece and dishes made from animal organs with groats. The usual is that meat dishes are served with mushrooms, pickles, vegetables and groats. After the meat dishes, or wild game or kashas and fish dishes, vodka are drink usually for better digestion.


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