Tips for a short trip in the region of Tula and Orel

The Kremlin of Tula

The Kremlin of Tula ©Glebkach/Flick

We would like to present you a possible tour of 3 days to visit the region of Tula and Orel also including the settlements of Iasnaia Poleana, Spasskoe and Lutovinovo. This is a compact tour with many interesting tourist sites that will take you to an other time in history.

Iasnaia Poleana is a phenomenon of the historical and cultural life of Russia, and at the same time is a typical Russian land, allowing you to get acquainted with Russian traditions and the every day life of the 19th-20th centuries. The unique historic buildings that form the museum complex, are surrounded by woods, gardens and scenic landscapes of great beauty.

First day

We suggest you to start your short trip in the region of Tula and Orel with the city of Tula. First you can visit the museum of „Tuliskii preanik”, then you can have an interacting visit to the „The chamber of torture and weapons from the 16th century” in the Spasskii Tower of the Kremlin. After lunch you should visit the Museum of Weapons and take a walk in the Kremlin of Tula. After all these attractions we recommend you to move on to Iasnaia Poleana for the next two nights.

The Kremlin of Tula

The Kremlin of Tula ©Glebkach/Flick

Second day

After breakfast you could head to Spasskoie-Lutovinovo and visit the Estate of I.S. Turgheniev here, these including a mansion and a park. After lunch you can visit the city of Orel. The first site you should see is the Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo. You should see the house-museum of N.S.Leskov and the museum of I.S. Turgheniev. After these, just enjoy the rest of the day in the charming city.

The town of Orel

The town of Orel ©Vic_NP/Flick

Third day

Your third day should be entirely spent in Iasnaia Poleana. Don’t be in a rush, you can take a late breakfast then head to the attractions of the city. We recommend you to visit the Reservation-museum of L.N.Tolstoi including the park, the house of the writer and a walk to the burial site. You can visit the Koceakovskaia necropolis, the cemetery of the Tolstoi family. After lunch you should also see the exhibition of „Tolstoi and the railway” at the reconstructed historical train station of „Kozlova Zaseka”.

Statue of Tolstoi

Statue of Tolstoi ©Russland und Ukraine/Flick

If you prefer to take a trip in the company of other people accompanied with a professional guide or you don’t want to drive alone to the region of Tula and Orel, you can search for this trip that can be done from Moscow usually from the Kurskaia metro station.




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