Things you should know before going to Russia

Friendship of the People Fountain in Moscow

Friendship of the People Fountain in Moscow ©ru_0serg/Flick

Russians are not very communicative with strangers. If you have a Russian host that will also make the food for you, it is good to make compliments and to bring a gift.

If something happens when you are in that country, it would be better to call one of the numbers : 01 – Ambulance, 02 – Police, 03 – Firefighters, and do not try to handle it alone. It is advisable to know at least a little Russian or take a dictionary with yourself and take care at what hotel are you staying because you can get a very expensive and good looking hotel on the outside, which is disappointing in the inside.


If you choose Russia as a holiday destination, do not forget to change your currency into rubles. Be properly equipped because it is very cold in winter and hot in summer, and try to not break the law because you may not let to leave the country.

Amazing view of Baikal

Amazing view of Baikal ©ru_0serg/Flick

The climate of Russia

Russia has a continental and arctic climate. As this country lies on a large area of land, the climate is quite different. In general, it rains in spring and autumn, so do not forget to take your umbrella and warm clothes. During the cold season temperatures are extremely low, with heavy snows and everything is frozen. If you travel to Russia in winter, dress up very thick, do not forget snow chains for not getting a fine and for not getting snowed. In summer rains a lot and the temperatures are extremely high, your umbrella being useful for sheltering both rain and sun.

The official language in Russia

The official language spoken in Russia is the Russian. More than 200 million people of the population speak this language. At the edges of the country we find many people who speak Polish or Ukrainian. In hotels and department stores, employees and hotel staff speak English and German very good.

Friendship of the People Fountain in Moscow

Friendship of the People Fountain in Moscow ©ru_0serg/Flick

Ethnicity in Russia

More than three quarters of the population are Russian residents. There remained after the collapse of the USSR many Ukrainians and Armenians. In the cities that are situated on the seashore, there are also several Tatar and Chechen people.

Religions in Russia

The most common religion in Russia is Orthodox. A quarter of the population is divided in terms of religion between Islam, Buddhist and Judaism. In the big cities of the country you may also find some Catholic and Protestant people as well. 1% of the country’s population does not believe in God, saying they agree that the world was created by superhuman entities, but many in number.

View of St Petersburg from one of the many bridges

View of St Petersburg from one of the many bridges ©gumtau/Flick


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