Things to avoid as a tourist in Russia

View of Moscow

View of Moscow ©Igor Klisov/Flick

There are some important things to avoid as a tourist in Russia. First of all, do not go to Russia without carrying with you the numbers of the American Embassy or consular centers in the area where you are. If you have a problem, especially legal, call first the consular center to get help faster. It is advisable to call the consular services rather than those of the Russian police.

Do not forget to register at the police when you stay in a city for more than three days. If you’re staying at a hotel or a motel, the staff will do this for you.


Russian law says that as a foreign tourist in Russia you have to be recorded along with the amount of money you have on it, and if it is a higher amount than $ 1,500, you must submit a paper to prove legal tax payment.

Handling cash

Do not walk around with large sums of cash on you in Russia because you can be left without that. The best would be to have some money in Russian rubles, an amount in euro, and cards to turn to when you run out of money. Do not change money in other places than authorized exchange houses or banks, not to be fooled.

Do not get mad if you are teased with various stupid questions at the airport or customs like “why the picture is too dark” or why you changed mimics, they actually try to get some money from you. An amount of 10 or 20 dollars on bribes ease your transition. But do not jump to pay them anyway and anyone because such a move could take you to a charge of bribery.

View of Moscow

View of Moscow ©Igor Klisov/Flick

Traveling in Russia

If you want to travel as a tourist within Russia, it would be better to look for trains or cars instead of domestic air services, which are of very poor quality: the planes are old, the staff is not experienced or courteous. When you travel by train it would be better not to move more than a few meters from the train scale because in most of these trains it is not communicated the downtime in stations.

Train in Moscow

Train in Moscow ©SergeyRod/Flick

Do not use the taxi unless you know Russian and know the route and the distance they have to travel. The cab drivers will charge more when they realize that you are a foreign tourist. Instead of trying taxis or public transportation, you’d better walk. And if while going by public transport you see an old person, offer your seat, for bystanders may feel offended if you don’t do this.

Taxi in Moscow

Taxi in Moscow ©Nickolas Titkov/Flick


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