The rules of a polite behavior in Russia

Architectural attraction in Moscow

Architectural attraction in Moscow ©peretzp/Flick

We all know something about the cultural differences between different nations and we probably all seen movies or heard something about the different rules of polite behavior in Russia. If you want to visit this fabulous country, you don’t have to insult anyone and this is rather hard if you don’t know what is important for them.

There are probably many thins that can be said, and we might give you some other indications in future articles, but we gathered some of the more important and useful advices that will help you to remain out of trouble and enjoy your vacation in Russia.

First of all, do not go on a trip to Russia without knowing a few Russian phrases. Get yourself a conversation guide you until you get there, learn even a few phrases, especially those that will help you get in different places.

Do not talk about politics or the economy of Russia and the former USSR, this is one of the most important rule of a polite behavior.

Architectural attraction in Moscow

Architectural attraction in Moscow ©peretzp/Flick

Do not let physiological sounds to be heard, because Russians are very sensitive to such things. If you still could not stop such a sound, pretend that it did not happen rather than to apologize, especially if you’re in a place with more people.

Facial expressions and gestures

Do not smile too much, than only if you’re honest. Do not pretend that you are excited of something and do not try to lie, because Russians are suspicious of people who smile too much.

If you want to show something, do it with all hand and not only one finger. Using one finger is considered unpolite and disrespectful and may be misinterpreted.

If you want to say hello to someone in Russia, then you should know that in this country women are kissing on the cheeks three times, starting with the left cheek and men are hugging easily and easily beat on the back.

Do not show impatience or boredom in Russia when you go to visit museums, churches or Russian homes because you may be looked with not very good eyes by the hosts. Try to be polite in Russia even if this requires much patience.

Tourists visiting the attractions of Moscow

Tourists visiting the attractions of Moscow ©hdes.copeland/Flick

Dress code

If you’re a woman, do not go bareheaded in Russian churches that you will attract the disapproval of locals that are already in the church. It would be also better to not dress with short skirts, low-cut blouses or clothes in bright colors.

Do not show your heels, even when you walk on the street during the summer. This is considered to be unpolite in Russia, as it is also seen if you are staying with your hands in pants pocket.

If you go on a visit that will also include business meetings, it would be good to wear a dark suit, shirt and tie, polished shoes, and if you’re a woman, it would be advisable to choose rather a skirt instead of pants.

Visiting the majestic Sankt Petersburg

Visiting the majestic Sankt Petersburg ©Daniel Ladenhauf/Flick


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