Spend an old style Christmas in Moscow

Christmas in Moscow

Christmas in Moscow ©kishjar?/Flick

Old style Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas starting on the 7th of January. You can spend Christmas at home with your loved ones, and in 13 days you can join the Russians. Many times we dreamed that the holidays do not end so soon, in this way we can lenghten the Winter Holidays.

It is an unforgettable experience to celebrate an old style Christmas in Russia, with the old interesting traditions and customs that are still held and it would probably be a snowy holiday. We propose a tour of the city of Moscow with a Christmas atmosphere, because there is not so cold as in many other Russian cities.

The Red Square and other attractions of the city

We advise you to start visiting the city of Moscow with a walking tour starting at the impressive Red Square, then admiring the St. Basil’s Cathedral from the 16th century, the Mausoleum of Lenin, the History Museum and the GUM department store. After this you can stop to admire the beautiful view over the Kremlin with its many churches. These being covered with snow induce a celebration atmosphere as seen in the movies.

Christmas in Moscow

Christmas in Moscow ©kishjar?/Flick

Other historic points of interest include the Prechistenka Street, the Novodevichi Monastery and the  Vorobvey Hills, the former Lenin Hills, which is the highest point of Moscow with a magnificent view of the entire city dressed in holiday clothes.

The fabulous Tretyakov Gallery

If you want to stay away from the cold outside while you are spending your old style Christmas in Moscow, besides serving a traditional Russian meal, the famous Tretyakov Gallery is a good option to spend a few hours in Moscow. Pavel Tretyakov, a senior Russian merchant, art lover and collector, in 1912 donated his private collection to the city of Moscow. Since then the Tretyakov galleries permanently enriched their collections and currently shelters one of the largest collections of Russian art.

Moscow mall at Christmas ©OzMark17

Moscow mall at Christmas ©OzMark17/Flick

The spectacular Moscow Metro

The opportunity to ride in one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world that brings the decor of true underground palaces richly decorated with marble, granite, frescoes and sculptures will be a nice way to meet the Moscow Metro. The subway stations were often called “palaces of the people” for their stylish design and plenty of marble, mosaics and chandeliers. Built in the time of Stalin, these stations were ment to show what was typical in Soviet architecture and design and at the same time to be an emblem of the new lifestyle of the Russian people. In the Moscow metro you can feel like you went back in time and you spend your winter holidays in the early 20th century.

The Moscov metro

The Moscov metro ©xJason.Rogersx/Flick


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