Tracing the Russian History

Izmailovo Market ©CapoVincent/flickr


The biggest city of Russia is also the capital with lots of cultural life and full of historical facts. This we are speaking about Moscow which has a great role during those days while forming of the Russian Kingdom in the 15th century. Izmailovo which is located at 12 Gorodok Imeni Baumana has been the family estate of the aristocratic Izmailovs and later the Romanovs boyars since the 16th century. It was Tsar Alexei and his son Peter the Great’s favourite retreat. During the youth days of Peter the Great, it was believed that he learnt to sail on the Estate lake in proximity. He had such a passion in sailing that he later found the Russian Navy. Not only Russia was launched to be a great European Naval power and he built the great port of St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland.

Izmailovo Hotel Complex

Built in 1979, this Izmailovo complex soon became a part of the State Historical Museum and it includes the Bridge Tower, the Cathedral of the Intercession and the God’s Shelter for Military Men. Check out the various collection of engravings, military uniforms, portraits and household items. The weapons of the fourteen til the seventeenth centuries can be seen too.

Alfa, Beta, Vega, Gamma-Delta

Crossing the road from Izmailovsky Park Metro Station, you can reach the Red Square, and other fascinating places of interest in Moscow such as the Kremlin, it just takes six stops and about twenty minutes. The Izmailovo Weekend market (the Vernisage), is open on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. You can shop til you drop for the extensive range of traditional Russian gifts and presents. Do check out the amazing blocks ‘Alfa, Beta, Vega, Gamma-Delta’ and the 30 floored buildings with two thousand rooms of different types that can accommodate ten thousands at one time.

Matroishka nesting dolls of all sizes

Matroishka ©Lizzy Stewart/flickr

Matroishka ©Lizzy Stewart/flickr

For souvenirs, you can find the inexpensive lacquer boxes of high quality, wooden yet exquisitely painted Matroishka nesting dolls of all sizes. It is the Russian-theme trinket, amber, Father Frost and other minerals. The way to buy them is to haggle and negotiate your way. With a little patience, you can get the items at a good price. Other than that, there are some great Russian fairy tale story books for children. Some people also shop for the linen table clothes. There are other special things you can find here in Ismailova such as its atmosphere to behold. There are ladies singing, shashlik and plastic spires.

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