The Pearl of Black Sea in Russia



Though Sochi is an unofficial summer capital, being unofficial itself as a capital of Russia has landed it a great name. Partly geographic reasons since it is right at the base of the Caucasus Mountains. Sochi is not just known for the winter sports, it is a place to lounge yourself on the beach, even it is possible to swim in the ocean. Sochi is full of healing springs spas and such, a total heaven for relaxation and rejuvenation. You will not believe but walking even recommended by the spa doctors to be taken seriously and daily here. The difference is a beautiful sight while walking on the paths to the coastal public bath and on the infamous Sochi Eagle Rocks path.

Biosphere and Natural sites

Besides natural parks such as the Causcasian State Biosphere Reserve with many waterfalls, Agura waterfalls, Orehovsky waterfalls, you could even explore for the first traces within the mysterious caves and about the Cro-Magnon men. Arboretums, botanical gardens, Sochi’s parks are filled with exotic tropical flora. Here is where the only tea plantation can be found. It is also the northernmost tea plantation in the world. The real enjoyment is to sip a cup of home-grown tea overlooking the Black Sea. Nature lovers will not want to miss out the large trout farm, the dolphinarium and the aquatheater.

The ‘lite’ Sochi Guide

By the short-haul flights from Moscow, you can get to the Sochi’s Adler airport or take the S7 Airlines. Spring is the best time to go, that is like April to June where you can take part in outdoor hiking, swimming activities. You need a visa for entry to Russia and if you book through a hotel, they offer tourist invitations which you just need to pay a small fee. Tip for black-pebble beach goers, bring water shoes.

Olympic 2014 Preps



At this point of writing, Russia is still making their choices and votes about the Olympic 2014 mascots. Bulfinch, Dolpin, Matryoshka dolls, Brown bears, Zaya the dore hare, polar bear and leopard. Amongst these, it seems the leopard is the most popular todate. Russian paralympians did preferred the ‘Sunlight’ and ‘Snowflake’ mascots. The Russian government has made a mandatory classification of the tourism infrastructure from ski resorts, to hotel, to tourist recreational venues, beaches. So it means Sochi will have a clearer hotel choices with the ‘stars’ that you can trust.

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