Sights of Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg)

Ekaterinburg ©Peter/flickr

Ekaterinburg ©Peter/flickr

Yakov Sverdlov is a prominent Bolshevik and also an inspiring orator. At one point in history, he was the assumed successor to Lenin. In the city of Ekaterinburg, you can see his statue that has been erected on the boulevard just across from the Opera House. The region is still referred to as Sverdlovskaya Oblast and its railway station is still Sverdlovsk and not Ekaterinburg, for during the Soviet era, this region was named Sverdlovsk after Yakov Sverdlov.

Jewish Community Center ‘Synagogue’

Of 4000 square meters in area, this Synagogue has a prayer hall, a Lady’s and a Gentlemen’s mikveh, a restaurant, a diet-kitchen, a computer class, a gym, a music studio, a library, a room of memory for the victims of Holocaust and some classes for studies. Mikveh is bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion in Judaism.

House of the Trade Unions

Within the Ekaterinburg historical downtown of the city, is one of the greatest estates and landmark. It is the Sevastyanov Estate which was originally built for a rich merchant by an architect named A. Paduchev. Paduchev used many European styles from eclectic Moresque to Gothic styles. You can see very unconventional style on the building’s facade and the oriental patterns inside the building. It was sold to the District Court and recently it served as an office building.

Mosque of Imam al Buhari

First of its kind in Sverdlovsk oblast, it was built by Turkish experts in 2002. It is near Ekaterinburg and in the town of Verhnyaya Pyshma. It was built according to the classic canons of Islam and decorated with patterns used in the Ottoman Empire. It is one of the six canonical hadith collections of Islam, which are sayings by or about the prophet Muhammad.

Ploshchad Pervoi pyatiletki

Ploshchad Pervoi pyatiletki is the center of the Uralmash district right infront of the Uralmashzavod. It is the Square of the First five-year plan. It carried the honorary name of a prominent Bolshevik Ordzhonikidze and that is why you can see a monument to Sergo Ordzhonikidze right in the front. During winter time, there is a big Christmas tree, slides and ice-figures on the Square.

Mayakovskogo Park

Ekaterinburg2 ©Peter/flickr

Ekaterinburg2 ©Peter/flickr

If you are traveling Ekaterinburg with children and family, you might want to check out this Amusement Park that is named after the famous Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. From roller-coaster, horse-riding facilities to rooms with playing machines for adults, your children can enjoy their time a the Mowgli (a kind of obstacle course for kids) and the Railway for children.

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