Russian Towns with WWII Heroism Awards

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Some provincial towns with about 30,000 to 300,000 people are named with military glory. Why they have been awarded as such is that there were Soviet soldiers here that displayed heroism during the World War 2. Altogether there are 39 of them, we will highlight a few. The seven hero cities in Moscow, Volgograd and St. Petersburg are also included in this list. You may check out the memorials in the Alexander Garden which is just next to Kremlin.


This town in Kaluga Region or the Kaluga Oblast as known locally. Kaluga is on the Oka River and it is about hundred and fifty kilometers southwest of Moscow. There is an ancient roadway which is a favoured escape route for Napoleon in the fall of 1812. Vladimir the Bold founded the town Maloyaroslavets after his son Yaroslav. The renamed was not to confuse it with Yaroslavl, thus Maloyaroslavets and when Napoleon invaded, the Battle of Maloyaroslavets took place on the 12th October of 1812. Black Island Chyornoostrovsky Convent of Maloyaroslavets was the cathedral built in 1843 to commemorate this battle. This town was also liberated by Red Army in 1942 after the German Army captured it in 1941. Russians who were under Marshal Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov and Napoleon’s stepson started this battle on the 24th October in 1812. It’s bridgehead was seized by the French spearhead lead by Eugène Rose de Beauharnais, Prince Français, Prince of Venice, Viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy, Hereditary Grand Duke of Frankfurt, 1st Duke of Leuchtenberg and 1st Prince of Eichstätt ad personam. Russia lost 6,000.

Mozhaysk in Moscow and vicinity

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Winter in Mozhaysk

Mozhaysk is in Mozhaysky District of Moscow. You can see it from the historic road leading to Smolensk and then to Poland. The name it got was from the river Mozhai or better known as river Mozhaya. It has a Baltic origin for its name which in Lithuanian ‘mozaja’ means small. There are about a little more than 30,000 people living in Mozhaysk. If you go to this part of Moscow you should also check out the places around like Ul’yanovo, Yurlovo, Shustikovo, Rybinsk, Polotnyanyy Zavod, Shalikovo, Oryol, Mytishchi, Nudol’, Mikhal’chukovo, Baranovo, Goretovo and Balashikha. In the next post, more will be introduced about Alexander Garden, Lomonosov in northwest, Kovrov, Taganrog and Petropavlosvk-Kamchatsky.


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