Amazing Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod

St. Sophia Cathedral ©

St. Sophia Cathedral

The Holy Wisdom of God in Kremlin also known as Saint Sophia Cathedral in Veliky Novgorod.It is the mother church of the Novgorodian Eparchy and one of the oldest orthodox church. The feature of this church is its divergence from the Byzantine pattern. Veliky Novgorod is a historic city and infact one of the most historic in Russia. It is along the Volkhov River in the northwestern part of Russia. This cathedral was built by Vladimir and it is an expression of gratitude to the people of Novgorod for their support of Yaroslav the Wise in his struggle for Kiev. It used to have 13 domes, but was replaced from wooden to stone structure with five domes. The exterior walls are with narrow windows. And it looks more of the Romanesque architecture of Western Europe. Helmet shaped cupolas were added only much later. Fresco were of the 11th and 12th centuries but you can hardly see them today. And in the 15th century, you can see a stone bell-tower with five bells. The ears of the largest bell was silenced by Ivan because it had warned the people of Novgorod during his conquest of the independent Republic. Spanish took the cross but returned it finally in 2004 to the Church of Russia.

Golden Gate of Vladimir

The other visual art in Russia is the Golden Gate of Vladimir build in 1158. This is the only ancient Russian city gates that has been preserved. If you want to find out about the 13th century Mongol invasion of Russia, the museum within tells you the whole history. Mongols attack on the medieval powers of Kiev, Poland, Hungary etc was in 1237. Masons from the Friedrich Barbarossa were invited to work on it, it has golden plaques and this gate is made from limestone and has a 15 meters main arch.

Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir

Assumption Cathedral ©

Assumption Cathedral

This cathedral is also known as the Dormition Catheral in Vladimir. It is rather a must see being part of the world heritage site. You can find it under the White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal. Andrew the Pious commissioned it with an original six pillared and five domed cathedral. It has very elaborate carvings on the exterior walls. The 12th century painted interior was repainted by Andrei Rublev and also Daniil Chernyi in the early 15th century. Having been for about four hundred years as the largest Russian church, it occupies an area of 1178 square meters. It did survived the devastation of the fire in 1239 when the Mogol hordes of Batu Khan invades.


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