Russian traditions and national holidays

Christmas celebrations in Moscow

Christmas celebrations in Moscow ©Maarten Dirkse/Flick

The Russian traditions in most of the parts of the country are based on folk music. The musical instruments that are typical to this country include the balalaika, the gusli, the garmoshka and the zhaleika. The traditional Russian song is the Melnitsa. The Red Army Choir is the most famous in the country, this singing especially patriotic Soviet songs.

Some of the traditional craft products and the clothing of the Russian people include the Palekh, a miniature doll and the Dymkovo toy; the caftan and the ushanka are clothes worn by men and the sarafan and the kokoshnik are clothing accessories that wear Russian women.

The hot steam bath is called “Banya” and is one of the most important traditions in Russia.

Christmas and Easter

Russians have Christmas celebrations as well, the gifts are brought by Jack Frost (a kind of a Santa Claus), but in Russia people adorn both fir trees, and other trees in the yard. Christmas in Russia is celebrated on the 7th of January, the Russian Orthodox Church still following the Julian Calendar. The Easter Celebrations take place in the same way as in many European countries, with very beautiful Easter eggs, painted housewives and artisans.

Christmas celebrations in Moscow

Christmas celebrations in Moscow ©Maarten Dirkse/Flick

National holidays

There are some nationl holidays in Russia that worth mentioning. On the 23th of February is annually celebrated the Motherland; this day is bringing honors to the Russian soldiers fallen on the front during the war. On the 8th of March is commemorated the Mothers Day, but then are combined both the traditions of Valentine’s Day, and those for the coming of spring. On the 1st of May is celebrated the Labor Day, and on the 12th of June is celebrated the Day of Russia, the most important national holiday.

Tomb of the Unknown soldier in Moscow

Tomb of the Unknown soldier in Moscow ©harry.popoff/Flick

Traditional Russian food

Russian cuisine is based mostly on poultry meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, honey, mushrooms and berries. They also eat a lot of cereals with milk. Most From wheat, barley and rye they prepare most of the bakery products, pancakes, vodka and beer. The inhabitants of the country consume ispecially black bread.

The steaks are a traditional Russian food as well, most of which is consumed as grilled meat. The borsch and the fish soup are very common on the Russians tables, and all the soups and salads are served with cold cream. The most popular mains courses based on meat include the Kiev chicken, the pelmeni and the shashlyk. The Russian cabbage rolls are called golubtsy and are prepared by the housewives at every celebration. People who prefer salads can taste the Russian herring salad and the vinaigrette salad.

As a dessert, Russians eat a lot of fruit salad with home made whipped cream and pancakes with butter. The traditional Russian apple cake is very appreciated by tourists.

Russian food

Russian food © 아침놀/Flick


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