Russia, a land of superlatives

Siberian landscape

Siberian landscape ©DCZwick/Flick

Russia is a land of superlatives. It is the largest country in the world, the largest reserve of natural gas and the second oil-producing country, the country of the longest railroads in the world, with the busiest subway system and with one of the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world, the Baikal Lake. Russia has seaside resorts as well and the snow-covered domes of the Kremlin and its cathedrals reflects the power and mysticism of this Nordic nation.

Those who survived the despots, from Ivan the Terrible to Stalin, were careful to keep their home away from gaps and lining their pantry with jams, pickles and desserts.

The generosity, the cheerfulness and the hospitality of the inhabitants of this country offsets the cold climate. The difficult years in the recent times strenghtened the Russian people, and the students of Russia today know more about languages ​​and financial market than many of their peers in the West.

Russia in the eyes of tourists

For most of us, Russia is represented by two cities: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. These destinations represent the soul of the former imperial Russia. In Moscow you can visit ancient churches and the traditional fort called the Kremlin and Saint Petersburg awaits you with the main attractions of the country.

Volcano in Russia

Volcano in Russia ©NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center/Flick


The land of diversity

But if you think that Russia means only these two cities, we have to tell you, there are many more to see in Russia. It is a country that spans over 11 time zones and two continents. In this area are lakes, rivers and forests that teem with life, the highest peak in Europe and volcanoes that inspires fear. The climate of the country ranges from humid continental climate in the majority of the European Russia, to subarctic climate in Siberia and arctic climate in the far north.

Siberian landscape

Siberian landscape ©DCZwick/Flick


The rebuilt Russia after the hard times

Aside from its communist dissent, Russia today is a diverse and vibrant nation. The old traditions emerge with new powers. The beautiful ancient monuments and cathedrals, neglected under communism, are rebuilt and restored, the markets are buzzing from activity and arts and literature regain their creative power. International visitors are increasingly drawn to this great country with hospitable people, a magnificent culture, ethnic and natural diversity, a country with boundless lands, beautiful forests, majestic mountains, bright cities and a quiet pace of life in the withdrawn villages and towns.

Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal in Russia ©PnP!/Flick


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