Most Historic City of Russia: Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod


In Veliky Novgorod, the oldest stone building is St. Sophia Cathedral. It is a magnificent cathedral. Besides being the most exquisite centerpiece, it is the symbol of the city. If you enjoy wandering around in historic walking areas, the Detinets or the Novgorod Kremlin is worth a visit. On the left bank of the Volkhov River in northwestern Russia, there are many interesting sights to note. For example, the monument to the Thousand Years of Russia, the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom and the Kokui Tower. At night, the view across the Vokhov is really pretty, in the day, you should also check out the view across the Volkhov River.

Millennium of Russia

This famous bronze monument dates back to 1862. It was to celebrate the millennium of Rurik’s arrival to Novgorod. Rurik or sometimes written as Riurik was a chieftain of Ladoga. It was dismantled by the Nazis during the second world war. The details on it tells a story and you can see the arrival of the Varangians in Rus, The Christianization process, Prince Vladimir the Great raising the Orthodox cross, baptism, and the expulsion of the Tatars, who are Turkic-speaking people. Historically, it is important to see the foundation of an independent Russian Tsardom or the Tsardom of Muscovy. In the middle level of the Millennium of Russia, the Inthronisation of the Romanov dynasty can also be seen. In addition, the creation of the Russian Empire, an event that dates back to the 1721 can be seen. Seeing all the 128 bronze figures that honors the politicians and people, it makes this monument one of the most interesting sights in Velky Novgorod.

Monastery and Cathedral

©Sergio Verrecchia/flickr

©Sergio Verrecchia/flickr

The St. George’s or Yuriev Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries that stands on the left bank of the Volkhov River. During the medieval Novgorod Republic, the St. George Monastery was the most important. Now it is a World Heritage Site. The Cathedral of St. Sophia or the Holy Wisdom of God in the Kremlin is the mother church of the Novgorodian Eparchy. From cupolas to its frescoes, this cathedral was during the 12th century a spiritual center of the Novgorod Republic. It is the burial place for 47 prominent people in the city. it has narrow windows and austere walls, a Romanesque architecture and has Byzantine pattern. Do check out the famous sets of gates known as Vasilii, Korsun, Sigtuna, Plock or Magdeburg Gates.

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