Introduction to the famous Russian cuisine

Russian Borsch

Russian Borsch ©Tanya !/Flick

French cuisine is considered to be the finest and most delicate, but Russian cuisine very complex and the food is really tasty.

The flavor of the Russian cuisine does not owe only to the diversity of the ingredients, but also to the traditional hospitality kept over the ages, that offer guests everything that is better.

Russian cuisine has always enjoyed what nature gave it: caviar, fish, chicken, mushrooms and honey.


The sturgeon was always on the Russian table. From this kind of fish comes the famous black caviar. We would like to offer you a short introduction to the famous Russian cuisine.

Delicious Russian Food

Delicious Russian Food ©tsuihin – TimoStudios/Flick

The Russian bread and the cereals

The recipe of the famous Russian bread appeared in the late nineteenth century and became so popular, that even white flour can not replace the one of barley. According to some studies, this bread has a lot of nutrients.

For a very long time the main ingredients in the Russian cuisine were the wheat, the millet, the rice and the oats. The process of the preparation of grain products is very old and continues to be used.

The indispensable Kasha

You can not feed a Russian if you don’t offer him Kasha that is a traditional dish, a symbol of the house. It is prepared from milk, sour cream, meat and fish soup. Many years ago the feast organized at the wedding was called kasha.

The Russians and the soups

Soup is always present at every Russian meal. The favorite ones are the cabbage soup, called shchi and the beetroot borsch.

Russian Borsch

Russian Borsch ©Tanya !/Flick

Vegetables and fruits in Russian cuisine

The basic vegetables of the famous Russian cuisine are the cucumbers, the potatoes, the cabbage, the turnips and the rutabagas. Unlike in French, American or East cuisine, Russians prepare and eat vegetables separately.
The vast forests offer all kinds of fruits.

Meat on the Russian table

The venison is popular and the smoked fish is greatly appreciated.

In the traditional Russian cuisine are generally three ways to prepare the meat: cooked in soups, then used for the main dish or served cold, roasted with grain or roasted in the oven.

The famous Russian pancakes

A Russian proverb says that a house is made ​​of pies, not of walls to emphasize the importance of the desert. The Russian cuisine excels in flour products as blinis that are thin pancakes, made from pastry, which was thought in the pre-Christian times that are the symbol of the sun, because of their round shape.

Russian Blini

Russian Blini ©Julien Haler/Flick

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