Exploring Moscow by Cruise

Troitsky-bridge ©saint-petersburg.comA Russian tour without seeing St. Petersburg and Moscow is just incomplete. So the way to go about is to experience the cruising moments, seeing the architecture, history, art and food that Russia has to offer. You may attempt to link the two great imperial cities of the czars using a cruise trip. It is a great destination for history buffs or simple one who loves the heritage of historic buildings. Russia also has many medieval buildings. If you like 18th century details in the architecture and their craftsmanship, you must really go to St. Petersburg. Relax while you are riding the ship on the Neva River, Svir River, Lake Ladoga, Lake Onega, White Lake, Baltic canal and last but not least, the Volga River.

Svir River

In the northeastern part of Leningrad Oblast is the flowing river from Lake Onega called Svir River. It is connecting two of the largest lakes in Europe with main tributaries the Vazhinka, Oyat and Pasha. The lower part of the River Svir is the Nizhnesvirsky Nature Reserve. It is one of the attractions being 240 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Be sure to look out for the Lake Ladoga ringed seal. It is a special freshwater subspecies that can be seen in this area.

Neva River

Neva River ©LadarayThe other river that flows from Lake Ladoga is the Neva River that flows to the Neva Bay. It is the only river flowing through the city St. Petersburg and from the Lake Ladoga. In 1936, the first concrete bridge called the Volodarsky Bridge, named after a revolutionary, was built across it. And of course, St. Petersburg was built on it and the Fontanka tributary. From its architecture, to its history and the transportation, Neva River and along the banks of the Neva offers you a great deal to see if you take a boat tour. You will get to see the homes and offices with their facades overlooking the river, and most of which belonged to the noblemen who were so famous before. Of course, you must see the Hermitage, the Spit of Vasilievskiy island, the Peter and Paul’s fortress, Smolniy cathedral and the Aurora cruiser and last but not least the Summer Garden. Other than the bridges, the waterways and its legends, it might be also fun to know that you can get from the Neva to the Gulf of Finland!



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