What to do in Omsk and Siberia

Ulan-Ude ©olga s/flickr

Ulan-Ude ©olga s/flickr

The historical museum in Ulan Ude of Russia is one of the top sights. It charges per single-room floor. You are recommended Buddiyskoe Iskustvo which is on the third floor and it displays the thangka, Buddhas and icons salvaged from Buryatiya’s monasteries before the Soviet’s destruction. Other things to see are the Gungarba shrine table, the Atsagat medical charts and the walnut necklace which is on the grey, clown-faced Sagan Obugen.

The World’s Largest Lenin Head

This is a monument that is at the end ul Lenina of the main square pl Sovetov, the world’s Lenin head. The other must see monument is in Omsk.

Ethnographic Museum

Six kilometers from the central Ulan-Ude, you can see the outdoor collection of local architecture and burial mounds. The odd stone totem is an amazing sight too. There are craft demonstrations to watch occasionally. Do check out the wooden church and the Old Believers’ homesteads.

Vostorg in Kyzyl

This is a restaurant that offers the best cheap food. It is right above a supermarket called Vostorg too. Try their pelmeni, bliny, meatballs, plov, pork roast and the Ukrainian holubtsi, also the fresh doughnuts and pastries if you are there during the breakfast time. Ukrainian holubtsi are cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat. If you are near Kyzyl, stop by the Delovye Melochi Bookshop for the difficult to find maps in the basement next to Kafe Dom Pechati. Here you can find decent Russian language guides to Tuva.

Religious and Spiritual – Datsans

Notice the new pair of datsans backed by stupas and trees. It flutters with prayer flags and services are happening in the mornings from 9 to 11am. If you want to see the major Buryat festivals or the Buryatiya Folk Festival, it is at the hippodrome. Horse riding, folk activities and wrestling are feature there as well.

Kolchak’s Statue in Omsk

Omsk ©Routard05/flickr

Omsk ©Routard05/flickr

Omsk is a prominent cultural centre and educational centre. It is also an important railroad hub, the junction point for the northern and southern branches of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Omsk has many theatres, musuems, music venues and educational institutions and other than checking out the Dormition Cathedral, the Old Believer’s Chapel, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Tobolskie gates, Chudo-udo Ryab-kit, you must see the Kolchak’s Statue. Where the statue stands is where his body was dumped in the Angara River after her was executed.

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