St. Petersburg’s Cultural Heritage

St. Petersburg ©davidgordillo/flickr

St. Petersburg ©davidgordillo/flickr

Saint Petersburg Philharmonia is a music society while the Bolshoi Zal or Grand Hall is one of the best known music halls within it in Russia. The small hall or Malii Zal is in the city centre on Nevskiy pospect 30 and you can see that by taking the metro to Canal Griboedova. Architectural ensemble of the city dates back to the 18th and 19th century and has been preserved to this day. Of particular note is the unique nature reserve of European architectural styles of the past three centuries. Its pre-revolutionary buildings and modern ones in Moscow, Saint Petersburg is an UNESCO World Heritage site you should not missed. Thirty-six historical architectural complexes and four thousand monuments of architecture, culture and history are worth so much.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Altogether, there are 221 museums, 2000 libraries, 80 or more theaters, 45 galleries and exhibition halls and 80 cultural establishments. More than fifty international arts and cultural events out of that one hundred festivals.

Diverse World of Museums

One of the newer private museum of puppets is presenting more than 2000 dolls collection. The world famous Hermitage Museum, the Russian State Museum (Russian Art), the palaces of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs, small town museums, museum of Dostoyevsky, Museum of Musical Instruments, Museum of decorative arts and the museum of professional orientation.

Musical Life of Saint Petersburg

Possessing a rich and diverse musical life, Saint Petersburg also host many annual carnivals. World class ballet performances, the Russian classical school, the art of famous dancers who are loved and admired throughout the world such as Rudolf Nureyev Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Getting There – Railways

Five different railway terminals from Baltiysksy, Finlyandsky, Ladozhsky, Moskovsky and Vitebsky are serving a great network to help you get there. There are many international railway connections from Germany, Berlin, Helsinki, Finland, as well as all former republics of USSR. In just three and half hours, you can get from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg by the latest Allegro train. And if you are taking the Moscow-Saint Petersburg Railway, you can get to Moscow also from 3.5 hours. By the high speed Sapsan train, or the Karelian Trains runs on high speed between Finlyandsky and Helsinki’s Central railway stations.


Waterways ©mikey471/flickr

Waterways ©mikey471/flickr

The Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finand, Baltic Sea, also serve the passenger and cargo seaports. There are terminus of the Volga-Baltic and White Sea-Baltic waterways. In warmer months, smaller boats and water-taxis are also available throughout the various canals.

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