Russian Artists and the State Tretyakov Gallery

A.A. Bakhrushin ©

A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum

This is the national treasury of Russian fine art. It can be considered one of the greatest world-class museums. Not far from the Kremlin, you can find it in the oldest districts of Moscow. This place is Zamoskvorechye where its eastern half is a historical area. It has history related to the Old Muscovy. Today the notable cultural facilities include the Bakhrushin Museum of Theater at Bakhrushina. It contains a special collection of theatre relics of Russia through which, you can visualize the history from all kinds and genres of theatre art from the beginning to recent times. The reserves are storing more than 1.5 million exhibits. Aleksey Aleksandrovich Bakhrushin who collected everything related from theatre personalities archives, portraits of these entertainment personalities, some of their personal properties, their costumes, set designs, scenary sketches, photographs and cinematographic documents. At the Paveletsky Rail Terminal, you can find the other highlight about the Vladimir Lenin memorial train. Vladimir llyich Lenin was the Russian Marxist revolutionary who led the October Revolution of 1917 and that makes the memorial train a fascination for tourist. And of course in the Yakimanka district, you must see the Tretyakov Gallery.

Russian World-renowned Artists

Marc Chagall was the eldest child from a poor Jewish Russian family. He studied art in a secular Russian school in St. Petersburg with his distinct style in his paintings. Mostly his childhood were portrayed in his paintings. He was in Paris for a while, and then Russia again before residing in the United States. You can also see his works depicting Jewish refugees and martyrs. Other than that, there were inspirations from the Bible, from religious life and folklore in Russia.

Wassily Kandisky

Wassily Kandisky ©MultiNewConcept/flickr

Wassily Kandisky

The next artist is Wassily Kandisky who was born in Moscow. He had a good cultural environment, he played musical instruments like the cello, piano other than taking up drawing. Color combination is rather specific in his work. His quote was ‘each color lives by its mysterious life’. Wassily gave up his law career and devoted himself to painting. He made such a decision partly due to the emotional shock from K. Monet series of impressionist paintings – ‘Haystacks’. The third artist is Kazimir Malevich from Kyiv who was the pioneer of geometric abstract art. From a big family of about 14, he was the eldest child and grew up mostly in the villages of Ukraine. In the next posts, we will write more about Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova.


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