Perm in Russia

Perm Wooden House


Perm is a city on the banks of Kama River. It is near the Ural Mountains with a population of about one million. Being the 13th most populous city in Russia, Perm’s modern city today is a cultural, scientific, administrative and industrial center. They have leading food industry and oil refining, timber and wood processing industries. Also their oil production is three percent of Russian output making their chemical and petrochemical industry a vibrant one. When you are traveling in Perm, there are some interesting buildings to look out for.

Cherdyn Merchant Square

In this square there are three temples namely, Voskresenskiy or Resurrection, Uspenskiy or Assumption and Preobrazhenskiy or Transfigureation. Merchant row or merchant yard is the other feature in this square. It has an exterior arcade gallery and what is amazing is the square integrity. The notable building or tower is the Death Tower. The Death Tower is a Stalin monument designed by Pareleshin M.A. It is a tower with spire ending that is similar to bell tower of the Cathedral on Kama river. Some horrible histories about this tower include chambers of tortures, underground passages, executions, thus it got its name ‘Death Tower’.

Dubinins’s and Golitsysn’s Estate

Dubinins’s Estate was dated back to 1867 and located on the high bank of Sylva. It is a mansion of eclecticism as its city landmark. It forms an integrated complex with Tikhvinskaya Church, the spiritual symbol of Perm. The other estate, the Golitsyn’s Estate was built around 1815. This is rather a two-storeyed mansion that has a circular suite of rooms, in Classicism architectural style having a façade towards the Kama. It is in Usolye which is an ancient town that is a living part of the past.

Gribushin’s House

Gribushin’s House

Gribushin’s House

Gribushin’s House is a Modernist house of the Kungur merchant who was a ‘tea king’. It is located in the Perm City on the Lenina Street. There are angels or little men that is known to every Perm citizen. Some called it ‘House with the Figures’. There other house to mention is the House with the attic. It is a mid 19th century building which belonged to forestry officers A.E. Teploukhov and F.A. Teploukhov. The Ilyinskiy settlement. Merchant yard in Prikamie, Kungur town is also worth a look. It is a place with great historical and architectural value and was designed by R.I Karvovskiy. This architecture has a town-forming role.

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