Matreshkas in Arbat District

Matreshkas ©moscowdailyshot

Matreshkas ©moscowdailyshot

The Arbat District has a population of about 28,000 people and it belongs to the district Tsentralny Administrative Okrug or Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow. The meaning of the Russian Okrug is referring to the ‘area’ or region’ and there about ten such districts other than Arbat. The others are Basmanny, Krasnoselsky, Presnensky, Tverskoy, Zamoskvorechye, Khamovniki, Meshchansky, Tagansky and last but not the least Yakimanka. Matreshkas in this terms is the Russian nesting/nested doll, the Matryoshka doll. Hence in the Arbat District, you can see those the thematic set of world politician ‘Matreshkas’ being on sale, with figures such as Muammar al-Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. The one kilometer long Arbat street in the historical centre of Moscow is also worth a look. It had been around since the 15th century. To this day, it is the heart of the Arbat District of Moscow. It was not entirely destroyed in the great fire in 1812, fortunately it was reconstructed and many petty nobility, academics and artists live here particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Urban gentrification, the attractions around and the historical buildings made this place more livable than ever before.

Poklonnaja Mountain

Memorial mosque ©Sarumian3000

Memorial mosque

This significant and unique memorial monument was built in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is also known as the Eastern Front of the WWII. The granite sign reads: “Here there will be a monument to the Victory of Soviet  people in Great Patriotic War.” This Stele stands 122 meters tall and you can see the twenty-five ton figure of the Goddess of Victory, Nike. If you want to see more historical sights related to the Great Patriotic War, you should also visit the Victory Park, the Central Museum within it that features the military history, the Winners Square, the tall obelisk that tells you more about the length and duration of the Patriotic War. Thereafter, you can decide if you want to climb the mountain to see the breathtaking view point. There is also the three temples of three faiths, namely the St. George Pobedonostsa’s temple, the brick Memorial Mosque and the Memorial synagogue. Be sure to take some interesting photographs of the bell towers of the St. George Pobedonostsa’s temple at the Victory Park for example. As for the Memorial Mosque, it is based on an eight-pointed star layout with roofs covered in brass and limestone carved decorations. Get inside and see the interior decorations of marble, plaster and anodized metal plates. On them, there are Koranic verses done in laser engravings


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