25 Must Do in Russia

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Mamayev Kurgan

In memory of the war, there is a WWII memorial complex called “To the Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle”. This is very well-known all over the former soviet union (FSU) countries as Mamayev Kurgan. This 48 meters tall monument is in Volgograd, has Mother Russia and it stands on a hill crest. The posture is of her raising the sword in the mid air. It is the highest point of the city and its actually a Tatar burial site. Now this open-air museum has 35,000 Russian solders buried altogether there. You can also find the graves of famous people in the hill such as Zitsev, a famous Russian sniper and the commander of the Russian army marchal Chuikov. He is also the only Russian marshal not buried at the walls of Kremlin as it was his will that he wanted to be buried next to the men he commanded.

The Panorama and Mill

The only remaining building from the former Stalingrad is the one next to the Stalingrad museum. It is a red building full of bullet holes. it took an amazing length of time and difficulties to hold this building against the Nazis by Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov, a famous hero of the battle. As for the Panorama Museum, it is right next to the steam mill. At this museum you can see the greatest battle panorama in 360­­º all around. It depicts a day in Stanlingrad war with exhibits of the bombs and weapons as well as photographs from that era. Capture this infamous battle with a panoramic camera and bring a good flash with you as the scene inside is dark.

Hermitage in Saint Petersburg

Hermitage ©brady766/flickr

Hermitage ©brady766/flickr

In Saint Petersburg, the highlight is Hermitage. One of the treasures to check there is Madonna Litta as it is a piece of amazing work with blissful tranquility. It stresses materal love as the supreme human value. Besides, you should visit the Cathedrals and Churches,  St. Peter and St. Paul’s Fortress, the museums and palaces, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Nevsky Avenue. There are rivers, canals, monuments, theatres and concert halls and Saint Petersburg has so much more to explore.

Attractions in Moscow

Red Square in Moscow, The Kremlin, Moscow Metro, Bolshoi Theatre, Christ the Saviour & other churches, the ex-KGB headquarters/Lubyanka, Arbat Streets, Tverskaya Street and VDNKh exhibition. Go to the Gorky Park and do the Moskva river boat trips.

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