Traditions and important events in the city of Omsk

Festival in Omsk

Festival in Omsk ©jl.cernadas/Flick

The official language that is spoken in the city of Omsk is the Russian. However, in the city of Omsk you will meet many locals that speak German and Ukrainian. In the hotels, shops and restaurants employees know very well English.

In Omsk more than three quarters of the residents are Russians, the population of the city being over one million. In the city you can also find people of Kazakh, Ukrainian or German ethnicity. The most prevalent religion in the city is the Orthodox faith. Many locals are Lutheran and Muslim, and more than 5% of the city population declared themselves atheists.

Traditional food in Omsk

In the city of Omsk, surprisingly, a traditional food is the Chinese duck decorated with fresh vegetables. Regarding meat, most of the residents in the area consume sheep. On Sundays they prepare other meats as well, they make grilled steak, meat and vegetable stews, a large variety of borsch, cabbage and all sorts of sweet soups. The inhabitants of the city of Omsk eat especially rye bread.

Regarding desserts, the people of this area are not demanding, yet they prefer more the homemade products. The donuts and pancakes with honey, jams of any kind of fruit and the chocolate cake are sweets that are not missing from the tables of housewives in Omsk. The drink that is consumed very much in winter is the traditional Russian vodka and red wine made ​​in local cellars, and in the summer time they drink large quantities of cold beer.

Duck with vegetables

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Important events in Omsk

There are some important events in Omsk that worth mentioning including festivals and holidays.

The International Grafitti Festival is held each year in summer. During this they gather children from all high schools and elementary schools in the city, and the whole region to demonstrate their talent in drawing.

The most important festival in the city of Omsk is the Theater Festival, when the national and international actors appear on a huge stage in front of the Omsk Drama Theater to demonstrate their skills.

Festival in Omsk

Festival in Omsk ©jl.cernadas/Flick

Christmas Fair is held three weeks before the winter holidays and there you can buy trees, Christmas ornaments and many traditional Russian gifts and souvenirs.

In October, in the city of Omsk is organized the Traditional Autumn Fair, when the locals come to sale Russian traditional homemade products such as honey, homemade vodka, handicraft, jewelry, Matrioshka dolls, handmade clothes and draperies.

Matrioshka dolls

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