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The old Vladivostok

The old Vladivostok ©paukrus/Flick

Near the border with China and North Korea, near the Muravyov Amursky peninsula, on the Mount of Kholodilnik lies one of the most beautiful cities of the Russian Federation: Vladivostok. The settlement was founded in 1860, earning the status of a town twenty years later, in 1880.

The first buildings were erected here by the sergeant major of the Russian Navy, Nicholas Komarov, who was in charge of two officers and 30 soldiers. Over time, the Chinese have tried to expel the Russians from the territory, but failed, the Russian army was much larger than the Chinese army.


The city of Vladivostok

The city of Vladivostok ©Mitya Ku/Flick

The development of the city

In 1870, in order to stop the Chinese attacks, the first fortress was built here in town, one of the most complex fortresses of the Russian Federation. In 1871 they built the first telegraph line and they moved the first commercial port of Nikolayevsk Amur. When the town received the city status, the symbol of the city has been built: a Siberian tiger.

With the completion of the Trans-Siberian railway, which connects the city of Vladivostok to the capital, the city’s economy began to grow rapidly, and during the October Revolution it was the most important administrative center in the country. Also, although Russia was at war with China for the territory of Vladivostok, several Chinese troops arrived to defend the city. In Soviet times the city could not be visited, this way being protected the main secrets of the Soviet Pacific Fleet.

The old Vladivostok

The old Vladivostok ©paukrus/Flick

Tourist attractions in Vladivostok

Over time, the city has built numerous monuments. Some of the most admired tourist sites and attractions in Vladivostok include the Maxim Gorky Academic Theater, the Primorye Arsenyev Museum, the Military Museum of the Pacific Fleet, the Aquarium, the Pushkinsky Theatre, the Vladivostok Museum Fortress and the White House.

Famous people in Vladivostok

Vladivostok is also the place where they were notable people were born and lived including the Actress Swett Reddy, the botanist Victor Zotov, the physicist Igor Tamm, the actor Yul Brinner, the writer Eugene Kozlovsky, the mathematician Igor Ansoff, the singer and film actress Maria Losseff.

Visiting the city of Vladivostok

If you want to go by train, you first have to travel to Moscow. From here, the Transsiberian train line will take you to the city of Vladivostok. If you prefer to travel to Vladivostok by car or buses that make trips to this destination, first of all you need to find out what is the best route.

Vladivostok Air

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