Tourist guide to the city of Murmansk in Russia

The city of Murmansk

The city of Murmansk ©Petr Magera/Flick

Murmansk is one of the most important cities in Russia, the capital of the region with the same name, located near the Barents Sea, bordered by the Kola Bay and Kola Peninsula, close to the border with Finland and Norway. The city is visited by many tourists each year being the largest and the most beautiful city in the Arctic Circle. The city was founded in 1916 and it was initially called Romanov on Murman, changing its name after ten years to Murmansk.

If you want to visit the city, you will need to read our short tourist guide to the city of Murmansk is Russia.


The visitors of Murmansk can choose from many activities that includes for example the fishing. Because of the warm stream of the North Atlantic the harbor doesn’t freeze in summer or in winter, which helps fishing. There are plans that the Arctic Bridge from here to be a link between Europe and Asia.

The city of Murmansk

The city of Murmansk ©Petr Magera/Flick

Over time, in the city of Murmansk lived many personalities, the most notable being: the actor and musician Sergey Kuryokhin, the ice hockey player Alexei Semenov and the singer Aleksey Goman.

Murmansk during the Second World War

Murmansk was one of the most important cities in the country during the Second World War being a seaport and an important trade link with the West, big quantities of goods being imported into the country. The German forces in Finland attacked the town in 1941, this producing the largest damages of the city and more than half of the population running away. During the Cold War, here there was a Soviet submarine and an icebreaker. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in this place remained the headquarters of the Northern Fleet of Russia.

The Statue of Alyosha

The Statue of Alyosha ©Sitomon/Flick

Tourist attractions in Murmansk

Murmansk is full of tourist attractions, the municipality of the city investing a lot of money in the beauty of the city over the years. The most important attractions are: the Arctic Hotel, the tallest building in the Arctic Circle, the statue of Alyosha that represents a Russian soldier fighting in the Second World War, the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Oceanary, the Semionovski Lake, the Church of the Holy Savior and many others.

The Arctica Hotel

The Arctica Hotel ©euno/Flick

The climate in the city of Murmansk

A tourist guide to the city of Murmansk has to say something about the weather as well. The city of Murmansk has a subarctic climate. Summers are short, rainy and quite cold, so if you visit the city during the warm season, do not forget to pack an umbrella so you can defend yourself from both rain and sun. Spring and autumn are the seasons with slightly lower temperatures than the moderate climate, winters are long and during the cold season it is very cold and snows in abundance. In Murmansk the hottest month of the year is July and the coldest is January.

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