Tourist guide to the city of Kazan

The Kremlin in Kazan

The Kremlin in Kazan ©mksystem/Flick

Kazan is the largest city in Tatarstan, being the capital of the region. Due to the large number of people who live here, the city is the 8th most populous in Russia. It is located at the confluence of the Volga with the Kazanka River, that gives its name. Some Tatar residents of the region say that the name of the city is derived from the word “boiler”.

It is one of the few cities in the Russian Federation that was included in the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Over time in Kazan lived many Russian personalities as the soccer player Viktor Kolotov, the hockey player Alexander Burmistrov, the great Russian poet Gavrila Derzhavin and many others.

The interesting past of the city

The city of Kazan dates back to the Middle Ages and was founded either by the Muslim Bulgarians from the Volga or by the Tatars that were the members of the Golden Horde. During the reign of the governor Alexander Gorbatyi Shuisky, the Tartars were driven out of the city, killed or taken to concentration camps. As a revenge, the Ottoman Empire attacked the city, which led to its destruction. In the 18th century, Kazan was rebuilt and it gradually became a major economic center due to the shipbuilding for the fleet of the Caspian Sea. In the early 18th century, Alexander I founded State University and typography.

City of Kazan

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In 1905, after the Russian Revolution, Tatars were allowed to populate the city of Kazan again, these building new mosques, a theater and have established their own newspaper. During the Second World War, Kazan became the most important industrial center of the military production, here were building tanks and planes to the Russian army. In the late 1990s, Kazan became again a Tatar cultural and social center. Starting with the 20th century, the city underwent a total reconstruction and more attractions were added. The Kazan Kremlin was rebuilt, the largest mosque in Russia and the Millennium Bridge was built.

The Kremlin in Kazan

The Kremlin in Kazan ©mksystem/Flick

The main tourist attractions of the city

In Kazan you can discover numerous tourist attractions, more and more tourists are coming here. Some of the most important tourist attractions along the Kremlin Fortress include the Annunciation Cathedral, the Lenin University, the Mosque of the Sultan, the National Museum of the Tatarstan Republic and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. An old legend of the fifteenth century says that the Tartars who lived here had hidden gold in the Lake of Qaban, that is another attraction for visitors. On the streets we find many two-story houses, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, taverns and many ice cream and cotton candy vendors.

Kazan at night

Kazan at night ©andrijbulba/Flick

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