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The Rotunda in Perm

The Rotunda in Perm ©dalbera/Flick

Near the Ural Mountains, on the banks of the Kama River, at hundreds of miles away from the capital, in a hilly area lies the city of Perm. In the past the city was called Molotov, after Vyacheslav Molotov. The current name comes from Permians who lived in this area.

Perm is spread over a large area of land and after the last census made by the ​​city municipality it is the 13th largest city in the country based on the number of the inhabitants. The settlement dates back from 1647, but received the city status in 1781 and began its development during the reign of Tsar Peter the Great of Russia.

At that time became the most important city of the Ural region, there being made numerous factories, the first phosphoric factory in Russia being also built on the outskirts of Perm.

Cathedral of Stephen of Perm

Cathedral of Stephen of Perm ©Jlesnik/Flick

The history of Perm

When the Civil War broke out in Russia, the city of Perm was a main target because there were some ammunition factories. In 1918, the city was conquered by the Russian White Army led by Anatoly Pepelyayev, but this only lasted a year, then the city was taken back under the rule of the Red Army. Also in that year, there were killed some important peopleincluding Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, his secretary and the Archbishop city, Nikolsky Andronicus. Their remains were not found until today.

Later, the city came under the domination of the Soviet Union, and then it began to grow fast. During the Second World War Moscow was the most important center of the Soviet Army artillery. After the war, the city began to be modernized, many buildings, factories, theaters, museums, hotels and restaurants were built.

Since the twentieth century in the city were built many factories, some of which are still active nowadays. In Perm is developed the chemical, petrochemical and metallurgy industry. Many city residents earn their living working in woodworking, automotive, oil refinery or food processing factories.

The city of Perm

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Tourist attractions in Perm

Tourists from all over the world come to visit Perm, as the city has numerous tourist attractions, including the Drama Theatre, the Opera and Ballet House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Monument to Fyodor Gral, the Maria Magdalena Church, the Prokudin Gorsky Staro Sibirskaya Gate, the Monument of Stefan in Perm and many others.

Famous people of Perm

Over time in the city of Perm have been born and lived many personalities as the renowned writer Dmitry Mamin Sibiryak, the military engineer Fyodor Petrov, the Russian novelist Viktor Astafey, the inventor of the welding arc Nikolay Slavyanov, the painter Andrey Voronikhin, the first bishop of the city of Kyoto in Japan and the model Natacha Poly.

The Rotunda in Perm

The Rotunda in Perm ©dalbera/Flick

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