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Beautiful church in Omsk

Beautiful church in Omsk ©XioNoX/Flick

In south-western Siberia, at about 2,300 kilometers from the capital of Russia, on the outskirts of the Om River and at about 90 meters altitude above sea level lies the second largest city in the eastern part of the Ural Mountains and the seventh largest city in all Russia.

Omsk has been and is still a major city in Russia, during the Russian Civil War, it was even the capital of the Bolshevik state for a short period of two years, beginning in 1918. In the past, this was also an important area because there were extracting coal, minerals, oil and natural gas.


Train station in Omsk

Train station in Omsk ©seafaringwoman/Flick

Short history of Omsk

The city of Omsk dates back from 1716 and was built to protect the Russian border in the past sheltering the Kyrgyz population. In the 18th  century, there was built a military prison, where Fyodor Dostoyevsky was exiled and died and a German Lutheran church. In the 19th century, the city became the administrative center of Western Siberia and Kazakhstan. Back then have been built numerous stone buildings on the square, monasteries, churches, a synagogue, a military academy and the governor’s mansion who led the town at the time.

Old postcard of Omsk

Old postcard of Omsk ©paukrus/Flick

The most impressive development of the city of Omsk was in the 20th century when were built many government buildings, apartment houses, institutions, museums, shops, offices and the Siberian Agriculture and Industrial Exhibiton was founded by the city municipality in 1910. In 1962 the city built a weapons factory, there being built the first Russian T80 tanks and the Black Eagle, but in 2002 the factory was closed. Also during the Soviet Union in Omsk was founded the largest oil refining complex in Russia.

Tourist attractions in Omsk

The downtown of Omsk is absolutely charming. Here are many buildings, palaces, churches and monasteries with onion-shaped domes, most of the buildings here were built in Russian Art Nouveau and neoclassical styles. Tourists who visit this region of the Russian Federation, will discover in the city of Omsk numerous historical and architectural tourist attractions including the Assumption Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Drama Theatre, the Liberov Arts Centre, the Military Museum, the Regional History State Museum, the Museum of Dostoevsky’s Literature, the Fine Arts Museum, the Statue of Kolchak, the Statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and several colleges and universities.

Beautiful church in Omsk

Beautiful church in Omsk ©XioNoX/Flick

Famous people of Omsk

Over time in the city of Omsk were born and lived many personalities, including the great writer and essayist Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the antibolshevik Alexander Kolchak, the pianist Eduard Kunz, the supermodel Vlada Roslyakova, the rock singer Igor Letovice, the actor Michael Ulyanov and the skater Vera Krasnova.

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