Tourist guide to Moscow

The city center of Moscow

The city center of Moscow ©Thomas Depenbusch/Flick

Considered by many travelers one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Moscow is the capital of Russia, the largest city and port in the country and the most important political, economic and cultural center. We offer a short tourist guide to Moscow that contains information about the transformation of the former communist city, the main tourist attractions and accommodation and food in Moscow.

Much of the city is represented by the Kremlin, a symbol of religious and political power. In the past this was the residence of the country, now it is the seat of the government and the residence of the presidents.

From communism to fun

After the Communist regime collapsed, Moscow has made huge efforts to change the image of the “Mother City” adopting the capitalism and trying to forget the rude atheists years imposed by the communist. They are trying to do this by opening famous western stores along with new luxury hotels and expensive restaurants. Moreover, the Orthodox churches have been completely restored and the streets of the city are now a vibrant life concentration.

Shopping center in Moscow

Shopping center in Moscow ©david.orban/Flick

We shouldn’t forget that Moscow is the place of real fun with a large number of museums, theaters, art galleries and the famous Moscow Circus. The city mayors say that they have the most efficient and largest subway system, many of the stations being elegantly decorated with marble, very sophisticated chandeliers, mosaics and gilded artworks.

Main tourist attractions

The main tourist attractions of Moscow include the Red Square, the St. Basil’s Cathedral, The Cathedral of Jesus Christ and many more. For those passionate of history we recommend the Central Lenin Museum where you will find the perfectly preserved body of Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. Of course, there are other interesting places that you shouldn’t miss such as the Tretyakov Art Gallery, the Pushkin Art Museum, the Bolshoi Theater, the Continental Culture Museum and the the Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The city center of Moscow

The city center of Moscow ©Thomas Depenbusch/Flick

The famous Red Square

Perhaps the most representative image of the city is the view of the Red Square with the gorgeous St. Basil’s Cathedral that became famous because of its domes. An other imposing building is the place of the Senate, which was built to the order of the Great Czarina Catrina. This was the meetings place of the Czarina’s Board of Advisers,  after the revolution was the office of Lenin and now is the residence of the Russian President.

Accommodation and food

Regarding the possibilities of accommodation in Moscow you shouldn’t worry because you can find a hotel at every step, while in the restaurants of the city you can enjoy both national cuisine, as well as various kinds of food from the international cuisine. The prices are quite steep but is worth to go there at least once in life because the city differs from the rest of the European capitals.

Moscow at evening

Moscow at evening ©Andrey Belenko

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