Tourist guide to Irkutsk

Traditional wooden house in Irkutsk

Traditional wooden house in Irkutsk ©seseg_h/Flick

On the Angara River, at 4000 kilometers from the capital of Russia, in an area full of hills, we find Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia. It is a major administrative center for the Russian Federation and is visited by numerous tourists every year from all over the world to admire the numerous objectives and attractions of the city.

Irkutsk is called by the Russian the Paris of Siberia. The name of Irkutsk comes from the river with the same name that crosses the city. The city has many to offer and we would like to help you by presenting a short tourist guide to Irkutsk.


The foundation and development of the city

The city of Irkutsk dates back from 1652 and was founded by the Pokhabov dynasty. In the 14th century was built the first road between the city and Moscow and then more and more people settled here. With the construction of this way the economy of the city began to prosper, in the city were brought more Chinese products, teas, silk, diamonds, gold and furs. During the Second World War, most of the Russian artists were exiled to Siberia and this way Irkutsk became the major center of the intellectual and social life. Since that time remained many hand decorated wooden houses where artists lived, Soviet apartment blocks and cafes. In 1920 in this urban settlement was killed Alexander Kolchak, one of the most feared anti-Bolshevik leaders of the country.

Traditional wooden house in Irkutsk

Traditional wooden house in Irkutsk ©seseg_h/Flick

Tourist attractions in the city of Irkutsk

In the city we can see many objectives and tourist attractions, some of the most important are: the Bogoyavlensky Cathedral, the Governor’s Palace, the Regional Museum, the Art Gallery, the Volkonsky House Museum, the Nerpy Aquarium, the Znamensky Monastery, the Church of the Holy Trinity. In the central park are exhibited  every Sunday the works of the Russian amateur artists.

Bogoyavlensky Cathedral in Irkutsk

Bogoyavlensky Cathedral in Irkutsk ©Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flick

Those who want to benefit from the tourist offers in Irkutsk, on the cobbled streets of the city are many cafes, bars, night clubs, pizzerias, restaurants and souvenir shops where you can buy various gifts to your loved ones. Twice a year, on the day when the museums were opened and when the Irkutsk Museum Night is celebrated, their operating schedule of the museums is non-stop and the entry is free.

Air travel to Irkutsk

The city of Irkutsk has an international airport. If you do not want to take the plane from Moscow to Irkutsk, you can rent a car from the capital city from the many companies that are found here. From Moscow to Irkutsk you can also take the bus or the train.

Irkutsk Airport

Irkutsk Airport ©Oscar W. Rasson/Flick

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