Top 5 things you should know before you go to Murmansk

In the city of Murmansk

In the city of Murmansk ©The Wolf/Flick

Murmansk is located on the coast of the Arctic Ocean near the border with Norway (Kirkenes). Due to its location in a picturesque place in Kola Bay it was called the northern City of Cap.

It is said that the city is very nice especially in July, but it is beautiful in winter as well. As the sea water doesn’t freezes because of the Gulf Stream, the fog and the aurora borealis creates a beautiful landscape. Here you can find a rare weather phenomenon: the water exists in all three forms of aggregation in one place. However, there are the top 5 things you should know before you go to Murmansk.

The official language in Murmansk

The official language is the Russian Federation is the Russian, but in the city of Murmansk you will also meet people who speak the Ukrainian, the Finnish and the Norwegian fluently, because the city lies near the border with Finland and Norway. In hotels, restaurants and shops, the staff speak English and the German very well.

Ethnicity in Murmansk

Most of the residents of Murmansk are of Russian origin. In the city you will also discover many people of Finnish or Norwegian ethnicity. In the past there lived many Hebrews as well, but were driven from the city during the Second World War.

Religion in Murmansk

The most prevalent religion in the city is the Orthodox. 15% of people here are Muslim and 5% are atheist.

Ortodox church in Murmansk

Cuisine in Murmansk

The cuisine is one of the most important things you should know before you go to Murmansk. The traditional food of the region is based mainly on fish. Housewives love to prepare fish soup, pickle, grilled fish or broiled fish. The residents of murmansk Don’t neglect any other meat, they preferring beef and chicken instead of pork. From these they prepare different steaks served with sauce, stews, cabbage and soups.

Fruits and vegetables are not missing from the table, and they prefer the rye bread. The bakery products are the most consumed sweets including donuts, bagels and pancakes. The cream cake with fresh fruits is prepared by housewives every Sunday. As appetizes they prepear mostly bruschetta with tomato and garlic sauce, and homemade pretzels are consumed with cold beer.

Regarding the drink, the people of Murmansk consume a lot of beer during the warm season and in winter the traditional Russian vodka is not replaced by any other beverage.

In the city of Murmansk

In the city of Murmansk ©The Wolf/Flick

Payments in Murmansk

The official currency in Murmansk is the ruble, one Euro is equivalent to about 40 rubles. In Murmansk you will find several banks and exchange offices where you can change money, or you can do it at the fuel stations in town, they having their bank ATMs that work non-stop. Banks are opened from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 and are closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Something you should know is that most of the hotels and shops in town do not accept payment by checks, but accept payment by credit cards. The credit cards that are accepted here are: American Express, Visa Gold Electron, Euro Card and Master Card.

Soviet Ruble

Soviet Ruble ©Jorge Lascar/Flick

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