Top 5 restaurants in Moscow

The Turandot Restaurant in Moscow

The Turandot Restaurant in Moscow ©jurvetson/Flick

Any travel regardless of destination should contain a brief foray into the cuisine of the region. In Moscow you meet a lot of restaurants where you can taste a lot of traditional Russian dishes such as Stroganov beef, caviar, Kiev chicken and international specialties or seafood dishes.

Eating in Moscow can be a strange experience for foreigners who are not familiar with the excellent food served in the company of gangsters, techno music and prostitutes. Once you get used to it, excellent restaurants offers a mixture of styles and cuisines, although Russia’s traditional passion for the Japanese Sushi is disproportionately represented.

Restaurant in Moscow

Restaurant in Moscow ©katya_alagich/Flick

The top 5 restaurants in Moscow includes the Night Flight, the Nobu, the Nooning, the Turandot and the Seiji.

The Night Flight

The Night Flight has both a strange name and a Swedish chef. The menu is varied, accompanied by an excellent selection of wines and cigars. Unfortunately, the Night Flight at midnight turns into a night club, it is full of beautiful women. If you drank enough wine, it can be fun, otherwise it would be better to finish eating and be ready to go at the moment the bass from the speakers start to moove your dishes on the table.

The Nobu Restaurant

Nobu calls itself the most fashionable restaurant chain in the world. The fusion of Japanese and South American styles is definitely a cutting edge concept, and stars as Robert De Niro have stepped into this location when they were in town. Nobu is a great place to eat, but it’s possible to have trouble finding a free table because of the huge popularity of the location and the strict police control.

The Nobu Restaurant

The Nobu Restaurant ©Jordan Sim/Flick

The Nooning Restaurant

The motto of the Nooning Restaurant is ‘everything for quality’, which is true enough, except the nights when karaoke contests or other noisy distractions take place here. In that case, it would be better to consult the website of the location in advance to see what kind of events are taking place in the evening when you want to go. Generally speaking, the food is excellent and the decor is interesting and glamorous. You will be warmly recommend the list of wines and the sommelier is always glad to help you choose a bottle drink to accompany your food in a happy way.

The Turandot Restaurant

Turandot might be for some a tragic spectacle of opera, but it is also a very pretentious and yet enjoyable restaurant in Moscow. Described as the place trying to attract ‘the beauty that simple mortals have not heard yet’ Turandot is a fantastic and crazy adventure for one night, that shows you how distasteful can the Russians be sometimes. Why not dress the waitresses in shoes imitating those from the time of King Louis XVI? Unfortunately, the menu is a rather common one.

The Turandot Restaurant in Moscow

The Turandot Restaurant in Moscow ©jurvetson/Flick

The Seiji Restaurant

The Seiji Restaurant was mentioned in the list of best restaurants in the world and continues its mission to teach the Russians and other tourists that Japanese food means more than sushi. In fact, most of the dishes on the menu are made from ingredients commonly found in Japan, but failed to capture the attention of foreigners, except for those on the west coast of the U.S. The ingredients come from Japan twice a week, which means that they are original, fresh and natural. Book in advance for a table.

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