Top 3 things you should know before you go to Irkutsk

Churches in Irkutsk

Churches in Irkutsk ©scjody/Flick

Irkutsk is one of the main cities in Siberia. If you want to spend some day there, it might be useful to read the top 3  things you should know before you go to Irkutsk.

More than 50% of the population of the city is made up of Russians and a large percentage being of Ukrainian origin. Therefor the official language of the city is Russian, but in the suburbs and in downtown we meet many people who speak Ukrainian and the Chechen language as well. In the downtown hotels, in the main restaurants and shops the employees speak English and German very well.

Believe in Irkutsk

The most prevalent religion in the city of Irkutsk is the orthodox, but at its periphery we meet many Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim or Buddhist people as well. More than 5% of the residents of the city of Irkutsk said in a study done in the year 2010, that they do not think that there is God.

Churches in Irkutsk

Churches in Irkutsk ©scjody/Flick

Payments in Irkutsk

The official currency of the country is the ruble, and one euro is equivalent to about 42 rubles. In Irkutsk are many banks and exchange offices where you can change money. You can also do this and a few stations in the city where there are bank ATMs and have non-stop schedule. Most banks and exchange offices in town open at 9.00 and close at 17.00.

In hotels and restaurants of the town of Irkutsk is accepted the payment by credit card. Traveller’s checks are not accepted. The bank cards that are accepted in Irkutsk are include the American Express Card, the Euro Card, the Visa Electron and the MasterCard Gold.

Payment in Irkutsk

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Cuisine in Irkutsk

Tourists who visit this city of Irkutsk will have the opportunity to taste the traditional Russian cuisine. The locals of the city of Irkutsk in morning are usually eating milk with cereals. These are the main basis for most of the bakery products that are prepared here as well.

The meat that they prepare for the main meals is generally chicken. They use it to make soups, stews and salads. The cabbage rolls are a favorite of the locals, which are served cold with sour cream and are cooked especially on holidays.

For dessert the pecan pies are the most popular among tourists, as well as the apple cake with whipped cream. The natural fruit juices are consumed mostly in summer, and the beer in hot summer days. In winter most consumed beverage is the traditional Russian vodka, which is the hottest alcoholic drink in the world, being drunk by women and men as well.

Large variety of cheese in Irkutsk

Large variety of cheese in Irkutsk ©Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flick

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