Three interesting attractions in Irkutsk

The Irkutsk Government Building

The Irkutsk Government Building ©AaverageJoe/Flick

The city of Irkutsk is located at about 70 km in the south-west of Lake Baikal. The city was born from the Cossak Fort “Ostrog,” which was built on the Angara River in 1661 by the Cossack leader of Yakov Pohabov. In 1684 receives the name of Irkutsk with a city rights, and in 1760 it is connected by a military and commercial road to Moscow and Vladivostok.

Irkutsk has more tourist attractions that we might think. Today we present three interesting attractions in Irkutsk including the Regional Administration Building, the Nerpy Aquarium and the Angara Icebreaker.


Irkutsk Government Building

The Irkutsk Government Building is on Kirova Street in the downtown. In the place of this building in the past there was the Annunciation Cathedral, but it was demolished during the Stalinist regime. Tourists can not enter this building because it is an institution, but can admire its exterior. On both sides of the streets of downtown Irkutsk you will find numerous cafes, bars, taverns, restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream and cotton candy vendors.

The Irkutsk Government Building

The Irkutsk Government Building ©AaverageJoe/Flick

The Nerpy Aquarium in Irkutsk

The Nerpy Aquarium is the most visited attraction in the city of Irkutsk. It is located on Zheleznodorozhnaya no. 66, near the West Bank. The aquarium is actually a miniature zoo with aquatic animals. Here are organized daily shows with animals that live here, including the freshwater seals, Nessie and Tito. Other aquatic animals that can be admired here include numerous exotic fish, octopus, dolphins, sea lions, turtles, piranha fish and even a few small sharks.

The Aquarium in Irkutsk

The Aquarium in Irkutsk ©Dave-Gray/Flick

The Angara Icebreaker in Irkutsk

At 6 kilometers from downtown Irkutsk is the Dam Ankara ship dating from 1956. It has an impressive length. Near this you will se the Angara Icebraker vessel that initially carried passengers on Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.

Nowadays the Angara Icebreaker can be reach throught a permanent walkway, this being a museum. It is an interesting tourist attraction, the most unusual museum in the country, as the Angara Icebreaker the only original ship that survived in Russia. The history shows that the Angara ship is the oldest icebreaker in the world and sits moored for the longest time period. The Angara Icebreaker Angara sank for the first time in 1920, when after a few trips it was hit by large rocks, near the island of Ushkanyi. The second and third time, sank in 1970 and 1980 near tanks of Irkutsk where it can be found in today. On the day when the city celebrates the Night of Museums, the admission is free for everyone and the program of the museum is non-stop.

The Icebreaker Angara

The Icebreaker Angara ©Oscar W. Rasson/Flick

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