The Terem Palace in Moscow

The Terem Palace in Kremlin

The Terem Palace in Kremlin ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

The halls and the cathedrals of Kremlin host today quintessence of the Russian history and civilization. There can be found priceless icons, and the most valuable objects of the Russian Tsars. The place was the witness of all czarist excesses, crimes and atrocities committed by Ivan the Terrible, but also the place of the spectacular revolutionary revival in the time of Lenin. Since its inception, behind these walls were happening the worst and the best things as well.

If you visit Sankt Petersburg you already feel yourself in Europe, but at the Kremlin dominates the universe of the authentic Russia.

It is believed that the palaces and the underground of the Kremlin still shelter the ghosts of the tzars and dictators.

The palace of the tsars

In the Kremlin, the historical and architectural enthusiasts will discover the Terem Palace, also called by locals Teremnoy. This building was the main residence of all the Russian Tsars that ruled the country since the 17th century. Even though the Terem Palace is not opened to the public as this is the residence of Russian President, it has an impressive exterior that can be photographed.

The Terem Palace in Kremlin

The Terem Palace in Kremlin ©paulafunnell/Flick

The construction of the palace and the surrounding buildings

The palace was built in the late sixteenth century by Tsar Alesio, this being the first Royal Palace. The interior is a real cultural treasure being heavily decorated, having several annexes and outbuildings as well as a platform for noble lords, a golden veranda and a ladder made ​​of the same material, and many towers with a great view of the city. Inside the complex was built the Saviour Cathedral with gilded 11 domes  and the Golden Room of the tzars. Over time there were built many religious monuments.

The old Kremlin

The old Kremlin ©ErgSap – Apps for Android/Flick

The interior of the Terem Palace

The Terem Palace in Moscow has five huge rooms. The first room was occupied by the wife and children of the tzar, the second was divided into several apartments and there could only enter the Czar, the third was a conference room where usually gathered the lords of the state, the fourth room was occupied by the kitchen and the last room housed the royal ballroom. All rooms were heavily decorated with brick and many tiles colored in red, yellow and orange and the interior walls were full of murals that can not be enjoyed today, being totally destroyed by a fire in 1812.

The initial construction was totally baroque, characteristic of the 17th century, but today is a Renaissance palace. The Terem Palace in Moscow can be visited by the general public only once a year during the Day of the Open Doors, when everyone can enter for free.

The Terem Palace in Kremlin

The Terem Palace in Kremlin ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

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