The Square of Glory and the Bunker of Stalin in Samara

The Statue of Glory in Samara

The Statue of Glory in Samara ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

The Square of Glory, or the Slavy Ploshchad in Russian, is the most beautiful part of the city of Samara. Here is a Russian architectural complex specific of the Russian period in the eighteenth century. In the middle of the square you discover th most important historical monument of the city, the Statue of Glory.

The Bunker of Stalin is the most visited attraction, located in the city center. It is at approximately 40 meters under the ground and was built in 1942. It was never used, and in 1990 was converted into a museum that was opened to the visitors.


Stalin's Bunker in Samara

Stalin’s Bunker in Samara ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

The Square of Glory

The statue on the Square of Glory in Samara is dedicated to employees who worked in the aviation industry in Samara, considered to be heroes. The monument consists of a statue of one of the aircraft factory workers, which is holding two wings that are about to fly. The height of the statue exceeds 15 meters and stands on a pedestal of about 40 meters. According to the legends, the worker was a man from the production of aircraft and bombers, one of the most hardworking employees. In front of the monument was sat an eternal flame as well. The monument is located on a hill and to reach it, you have to climb many stairs.

The Statue of Glory in Samara

The Statue of Glory in Samara ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

On both sides of the Square of Glory are many artesian fountains. Tourists can also visit here the shrine of St. George, the administrative building of the Samara region and can walk on the Volga Boulevard. This is also the area where are the most luxurious hotels, nightclubs, summer terraces in the city and a restaurants with traditional Russian and international menus.

The Bunker of Stalin

The Bunker of Stalin in Samara was designed to withstand any attack, is made of concrete and has a thickness of 3 meters. Its construction was not known until after the death of Stalin.

The bunker has 12 floors and the access to them is made by using the elevators. The small room inside it was built to house the conference. The other is the living room, where is a bed, a dressing room, a dressing table and a bathroom. On the seventh floor, visitors can admire the exhibition of Kuibyshev with many old photographs and documents relating to the city of Samara. Stalin’s recreation room is located on the 8th floor.

The Bunker of Joseph Stalin is opened to the public all year from Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m..

Inside the Bunker of Stalin in Samara

Inside the Bunker of Stalin in Samara ©michael clarke stuff/Flick


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