The Moscow Zoo

Flamingos in the Moscow Zoo

Flamingos in the Moscow Zoo ©SergeyRod/Flick

The Moscow Zoo is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Russian capital.

It is assaulted annually by thousands of tourists and city residents and it is rightly considered the largest and most important zoo of the country.

The Moscow Zoo covers an immense area of ​​land of about 55 hectares and was founded during the tsarist period in 1864 by a group of professors of biology at the University of Moscow, on the behalf of K.F. Rulje, S.A. Usov and A.P. Bogdanov.


The original Moscow Zoo

The buildings of the garden were originally built of wood in the old Russian architectural style being decorated with many wood ornaments. When the Moscow Zoo was opened it was way smaller than today, stretching on about ten acres and housing only 280 animals.

Walruses in the Moscow Zoo

Walruses in the Moscow Zoo © Sauri/Flick

The development of the Zoo in Moscow

In the year of 1919 the Bolshevik regime nationalized it and the control of the institution was transferred after 3 years to the Moscow city hall, that still owns the garden. The area of the Moscow Zoo increased during the communist period and the spaces for the animals originally built of wood in old Russian style were replaced with modern shelters. The number of the animals also increased a lot from the opening of the zoo.

Flamingos in the Moscow Zoo

Flamingos in the Moscow Zoo ©SergeyRod/Flick

Entertainment inside the zoo

Inside the Moscow Zoo are many attractions for both children and adults. One of these attractions is an aquarium where the visitors of the garden can feed the fish, another one is an exhibition that shows the creatures that can appear at night. The zoo also has an exhibition with sea lions and a special place arranged for children, which includes swings, slides and a basketball court. On both sides of the garden you will also find several waterfalls and streams, which were recently added to give the impression that the animals live in a completely natural environment.

Natural environment in the Moscow Zoo

Natural environment in the Moscow Zoo ©Aleksandr Zykov/Flick

The Moscow Zoo today

Currently the Zoo of Moscow houses about 8,000 animals of all species, each living in spaces that have decorative elements characteristics of the naturural environment of each animal. Among the animals that we can admire you will find all kinds of insects and reptiles, kangaroos, lions, tigers, iguanas, rabbits, eagles, elephants, monkeys, a few small sharks, piranha fish, dolphins, seals, giraffes and many others. At the entrance of the Zoo you will find a café, a terrace, a souvenir and toy shop.

The Moscow Zoo is opened all year between 10.00-18.00 except Mondays. The ticket office closes at 17.00.

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