The Magnificent Peterhof Palace near Sankt Petersburg

The fountains in Peterhof

The fountains in Peterhof ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

Russia is a huge country with many tourist attractions, but one of the most important ones is the magnificent Peterhof Palace near Sankt Petersburg.

The palace complex was built in the early 18th century by Peter the Great who wanted to own such a beautiful palace that can rival with the Versailles Palace in France.

Peter and his successors built about 30 palaces and pavilions on an area that extends on more than six hundred acres. The glorious palace complex is showing the power and the wealth they hold.

Peterhof is located aproximately at 25 km to west from St. Petersburg.

The main palace

The main palace of Peterhof, also known as the Grand Palace, was built in the early 18th century during the reign of Peter the Great, but is was completed by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great.

The Grand Palace in Peterhof

The Grand Palace in Peterhof ©alexeyklyukin/Flick

The main rooms of the palace are: the throne room with 300 square meters, the Chesma Hall with the murals, the Picture Hall with portraits on the walls, the ballroom with many windows and mirrors on both sides, the baroque audience room, the blue drawing room, the white dinner room, both Chinese Cabinets and the study room of Peter I.


White Dining Room in the Grand Palace, Peterhof

White Dining Room in the Grand Palace, Peterhof ©Avodrocc/Flick

The three gardens of Peterhof

Peterhof is divided into three separate areas. The Lower Gardens are usually filled with tourists because of many attractions which include the Grand Cascades and the Grand Canal, several palaces and numerous fountains and sculptures. The fountains are especially really beautiful and attract a lot of tourists.
The Upper Gardens are more formal with many floral arrangements and water pools. The main attraction there is the fountain of Neptune.

Neptun Fountain in Peterhof

Neptun Fountain in Peterhof ©alexeyklyukin/Flick

The Alexandrine Park is the most romantic of the three and the least crowded mainly because it is more isolated.

The Grand Cascade

The most important attraction of Peterhof is the Great Falls, the piece of resistance of the entire group of fountains. The Grand Cascade starts at the Grand Palace and continues to the Grand Canal, which is leading to the Gulf of Finland.

Grand Canal in Peterhof

Grand Canal in Peterhof ©Berto Garcia/Flick

In the center of the famous cascade lies the Samson Fountain decorated with 39 bronze statues and 75 fountains. The top terrace of the cascade offers great views of the sea, and here there is pair of tritons and several statues of ancient heroes that decorate the 17 steps leading to the Grand Canal.

The fountains in Peterhof

The fountains in Peterhof ©michael clarke stuff/Flick

Palaces of Peterhof

Peterhof contains several palaces, which include the Palace of Marly located in the western part of the residence with a beautiful own cascade, built for important guests, and the Summer Palace on the eastern part of the residence at a distance of 3 km from the first, which was built in English Gothic Style.

Summer Palace in Peterhof

Summer Palace in Peterhof ©lyng883/Flick

The Palace of Monplaisir, located in the center of a small park, is divided into six themed gardens, which include a Chinese garden and a labyrinth.

The Palace of Monplaisir in Peterhof

The Palace of Monplaisir in Peterhof ©thisisbossi/Flick

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