The Kuskovo Estate in Moscow

The Kuskovo Park in Moscow

The Kuskovo Park in Moscow ©somiz/Flick

Kuskovo was the summer house of the Sheremetiev family. It is located in eastern Moscow and dates back from the eighteenth century, being one of the first villas of the Russian nobility. Today, Kuskovo is hosting the State Museum and on the estate is located one of the most beautiful parks in the city.

You can discover many other sites and tourist attractions on the Kuskovo Estate including the Kuskovo Church with Tower, the Kuskovo Palace, the Hermitage Garden and the Grotto of Kuskovo. Today we briefly present you the Kuskovo Mansion and the Kuskovo Park in Moscow.


The Kuskovo Mansion or the Kuskovo Palace

The mansion is the most important part of the Kuskovo Estate and was built by the son of Boris Sheremetiev, one of the richest men in the world at that time. He commanded the construction of the largest and most beautiful palace of all the Russian nobles houses of the period. It is a building of wood and has three floors and a lovely lake in front of it.

The Kuskovo Palace is impressive, it has several beautiful rooms including a reception hall decorated with many colored tiles, bedrooms, closets and some other luxury furniture, a lobby with many dishes made by Johannes Justus, the Upholstery Room, this being the most impressive of all and contains the tapestry from the 17th century, the bedroom where the owner of the castle were resting during the day, the office of the Count, a billiard room, a dancing room and a dining room with many paintings and decorations, and a huge round table, this being the place of the formal dining.

The Kuskovo Palace in Moscow

The Kuskovo Palace in Moscow ©somiz/Flick

Kuskovo Park in Moscow

At 12 kilometers of Kremlin to the east, on the Yunosti street, at number 2, you will discover one of the most beautiful parks in the Russian Federation on the Kuskovo Estate, near the stunning mansion from the 17th century that we described above, more precisely, on the other side of the lake.

The Kusokvo Park covers a large area of ​​land, there can be seen a miniature garden that is very similar to Versailles.

The Kuskovo Park in Moscow

The Kuskovo Park in Moscow ©somiz/Flick

Other attractions of the Kuskovo Estate

Around the park and the mansion, there are other gardens and buildings.

Near the mansion, tourists can visit a unique collection of ceramic vessels dating from the eighteenth century to the present day.

If you spend several days in the Russian capital, you can go to the outdoor theater near of the Kuskovo Estate, where you can watch artists playing here nationally and internationally famous works twice a week.

The nature lovers can visit the grotto near the pond in the park, and those who want, can visit the church located near the lake. Near the church you will also find a wooden hermitage.

The Kuskovo Estate in Moscow

The Kuskovo Estate in Moscow ©julbay/Flick

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