The Kremlin Palaces

The Grand Kremlin Palace

The Grand Kremlin Palace ©richardthomasesq/Flick

The Moscow Kremlin is considered the Russian sanctuary and is a unique creation of the world culture. The Kremlin has a special place in the hearts of Russians, not only because of its beauty, but also because behind the red walls are hiding their memories and hopes. Kremlin remains the spiritual and political center of Moscow.

The Kremlin Palaces complete a unique ensemble in the world. The Kremlin communicates through dozens of underground ways with the whole Moscow. Today we will briefly present the Kremlin Palaces including the Palace of Facets, the Terem Palace and the Grand Kremlin Palace.

The Kremlin with palaces

The Kremlin with palaces ©St. Simon/Flick

The Palace of Facets

Palace of Facets, the oldest secular building in the Kremlin (1491), built by Ivan the Terrible, houses the throne room, where the official ceremonies were held. It is located in Cathedral Square in the Kremlin, near the Annunciation Cathedral and the Assumption Cathedral. Today, it is an official ceremony room for the important people of the country, but can be visited on certain days by tourists as well.

The Palace of Facets in Kremlin is what was left from a small royal palace that was situated here in the fourteenth century. At the first floor is a main hall and a lobby decorated with frescoes created by famous Italian and Russian artists, its total area being approximately 500 square feet. This was the place of the coronations and very luxurious banquets. To reach the first floor of the palace, you must climb a spiral staircase, carved with lion-shaped frescoes and adorned with lockets where you can admire the faces of the tzars that were crowned here.

Palace of Facets

Palace of Facets ©

The Terem Palace

The next oldest building is the home of the royal family, the Terem Palace or Teremnoi Dvoreţ. It was built by Ivan the Great, to serve as a private home of the tsars. It has 5 huge rooms, but you can only visit it during the Day of the Open Doors, as is the residence of the Russian President. You can find more information in the article about the Terem Palace in Kremlin.

The Grand Palace

In the following two centuries, the old palaces were united, forming the Grand Kremlin Palace, a masterpiece of the imperial court. It was inaugurated by Nicholas I of Russia in 1838. It is the largest building in the Kremlin and the presidential administration is operating here today. The Grand Kemlin Palace has over 700 rooms including reception halls, a large red monumental staircase and private apartments. The halls whre the public receptions are held are impressive. The “St. George” hall of the palace is almost 60 meters long, is decorated in white and gold, giving a solemn and harmonious appearance. The private rooms of the palace are more intimate, there the Romanovs were given free rein to their fancy, their decorative art became legendary.

The Grand Kremlin Palace

The Grand Kremlin Palace ©richardthomasesq/Flick

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