The Izmailov Square in Moscow

Market on the Izmailov Square

Market on the Izmailov Square ©RichardBowen/Flick

Those who want to find authentic Russian souvenirs and bargains, should not omit the famous Izmailov Square in Moscow.

It is an outdoor market with an infinite amount of different products where you can easily spend a whole day.

We will present you some information about one of the most famous markets in Russia.

To take full advantage of this experience, you have to keep in mind some tips.


In the Izmailov Square in Moscow you will find hundreds of traditional souvenirs and goods of general interest, spread on the three levels of the complex and you can choose between the numerous Matrioska dolls, fur hats and lacquered objects, all in an authentic Russian style and design. You will also have the opportunity to eat and drink here; you should probably try the shashlik (kebabs) with flat bread.

How can I get to the Izmailov Market?

The Izmailov Market is well known in the whole country and it is located near the Izmailovski Park in Moscow. You can get there by subway if you take the one that circulates on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaia line marked on any map of the metro network with a dark purple color. Once you arrive here you will recognize this grandiose location after its unmistakable wooden structure.

Izmailov Market in Moscow

Izmailov Market in Moscow ©RichardBowen/Flick

When should I visit the Izmailov Market?

The unique experience of shopping in the Izmailov Market can be experienced seven days a week, but you should know that most traders come here only on weekends. Therefore, the ideal time to enjoy the whole selection of goods, is on Saturdays between 10.00 and 18.00. There is also an entrance fee, which is a bit more expensive on Saturdays and Sundays.

Izmailovsky flea market

Izmailovsky flea market ©RichardBowen/Flick

What should I know before shopping in the Izmailov Market?

It is important to know that many of the traders of the Izmailov Market in Moscow do not conform to trade standards available in Europe. Many goods are not authentic and do are not like the ones in the advertisements. Those described as authentic or original products are often cheap imitations. It is good to try to negotiate the price to get the best and it is good to benefit from the correct description of the goods you buy. But to totally enjoy this experience, you have to get to know the sellers while you are exploring the exposed products. Many of the items for sale are handmade by merchants. Behind each of them are very interesting stories and the sellers will be more than happy to tell them to you if you ask nicely.

Market on the Izmailov Square

Market on the Izmailov Square ©RichardBowen/Flick

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