The Gorky Park in Moscow

Winter in the Gorky Park

Winter in the Gorky Park ©

The Gorky Park in Moscow is officially known as the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure and is known by tourists from all over the world.

It was mentioned in one of the songs of the Scorpions, Wind of Change. The name of the park also appears in the play Votca cantata de Morena, in the novel of the same name and in the first video game appeared in the Russian Federation.

The Gorky Park in Moscow is one of the most important parks in the capital of Russia, visited annually by thousands of tourists and locals.

It is a cultural center of great importance for the country and a leiseure center, being the largest park in the city. If you want to visit the park, you can find it in the Krimsky Valley, across the river of Moskva.

Gorky Park in Moscow

Gorky Park in Moscow ©Eugene_orlov/Flick

The formation of the park

The name of the park comes from Maxim Gorky and was arranged in 1928 by the Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov, one of the leading avant-garde architects in the country. The Gorky Park covers a huge area of ​​land of about 300 hectares, being arranged in the garden of the Neskuchny Palace and the old Golitsyn hospital.

The attractions of the park

The visitors of the park will find here numerous entertainment options. You can take the boat on the river Moskva and you can go to the downtown and to the tourist attractions. The Gorky Park in Moscow also has a high wheel, where you will feel like in the London Eye.

Gorky Park High Wheel

Gorky Park High Wheel ©minsk.planetarium/Flick

There are also cars and other entertainment options for children, as well as recreational sport halls where children can learn aerobics, salsa and yoga being trained by professional instructors.

On the alleys of the park you can find many cafes, terraces, an outdoor cinema and many balloon, ice cream, cold juice and toy vendors. At the entrance of the park are souvenir shops.

The Gorky Park in winter

In winter in the Gorky Park in Moscow is a natural ice rink. Water is thrown on the paths, which freezes at night, when temperatures often falls below 0 degrees. So overnight, the park turns into a giant skating rink divided into alleys and areas. If you do not have skates, it is no problem, you can rent them in the park. In February takes place the Festival of the ice sculptures. You have the opportunity to see the most sophisticated works of ice. Do not forget to take pictures!

Winter in Gorky Park

Winter in Gorky Park ©

The admission in the Gorky Park in Moscow is free, except official holidays when there is a small entrance fee. It can be reached by metro, the nearest metro station is the Park Kultury.

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