The beautiful Subway in Moscow

Moscow Subway station

Moscow Subway station ©the.urbanophile/Flick

The beautiful Moscow Subway is one of the oldest in the world. The construction of the underground train network began in the 30s, and the first station was inaugurated on the 15th of May in 1935. The subway network has greatly extended over time, reaching 250 km of railway lines and regarding the number of passengers is the most used subway in the world.

In the new stations of the Subway in Moscow is used a modern and practical style similar to other new stations in other cities, but the old stations have a rich decor each of them looking as the interior of a palace.

Subway station in Moscow

Subway station in Moscow ©atkinson000/Flick

The construction of the Subway in Moscow

With the desire to show how well can people live under communism, Stalin requested the decoration of the stations with brought ​​from several parts of the world. There used even some semiprecious stones and made statues to complete the”royal” decor.

Did you ever wonder why the old Moscow Subway line has a circular form? According to sayings, when the plans of the underground were brought to Stalin for approval, he placed his coffee cup on the this way remaining a circle on it. Anyone involved in the project of the new metro network understood that Stalin would like to have an underground line in circle so they built it that way.

Prospekt Mira subway station in Moscow

Prospekt Mira subway station in Moscow ©AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker/Flick

The beautiful stations of the Moscow Subway

Because of the outstanding beauty of the Moscow Underground, it has become a real tourist attraction, gathering hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to admire its stations decorated with a generous and extraordinary aesthetic sense.

The most beautiful stations are the Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya and Novoslobodskaya on the circle line. They have an impressive architecture and beautiful scenery. For example, the Kievskaya station was completed in 1937 and has walls decorated with mosaics.

Komsomolskaya subway station in Moscow

Komsomolskaya subway station in Moscow ©haven’t the slightest/Flick

You can enjoy the Moscow underground museum with only one ticket. You can stay as much as you want to admire the beauty and observe the daily life of the Muscovite.

It is a delight to see that exist such simple places which involves a lot of talent and creativity that turned them in some works of art!

Moscow Subway station

Moscow Subway station ©the.urbanophile/Flick

Some practical information

The distance between two metros is really short, in some periods of the day you will see four of them during a minute. The system is very well organized therefor that you can reach any part of Moscow with subway, a city that covers an area of ​​1081 km².

Elektrozavodskaya metro station in Moscow

Elektrozavodskaya metro station in Moscow ©SergeyRod/Flick

A Muscovite spend a large part of the day in this parallel underground world, going up and down on the long escalators with 150-200 steps, traveling in subway cars with lemon yellow wallpaper or imitation of the wagons from the ’20s with old wood and retro design.

The most crowded periods of the day regarding the Moscow Subway are in the morning between 9-11 and during the day between 18-20.

Mayakovskaya subway station

Mayakovskaya subway station ©Vokabre/Flick

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