The Alexandrovski Garden in Moscow

The Borovitskaya Tower

The Borovitskaya Tower ©malfet_/Flick

The first urban park in Moscow is the Alexandrovski Garden.

The name of the park is given by the three beautiful gardens that are located here and which are streching on a large area of ​​approximately 900 square meters until the Kremlin Fortress.

The Alexandrovski Garden was founded by Tsar Alexander III, and was also named after him. The garden dates back from the 18th century and was designed by the Russian architect Osip Bove. On the area of the park are located many monuments of major national interest for the Russian Federation.

The most important of these monuments include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Mausoleum of Lenin, the Middle Arsenal Tower and the Kutafya Tower of the Kremlin.

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow ©tzunder/Flick

The Alexandrovski Garden in Moscow include three separate areas: the Upper Garden, the Middle East Garden and the Lower Garden.

The Upper Garden

The Upper Garden is located at the entrance of the Alexandrovski Park and gives place to one of the most important monuments in Moscow: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier represented by a torch of peace. The historical monument dates back from the 16th century and shows the body of a soldier who fell as a hero on the battlefield in the Great Patriotic War against the German army led by Adolf Hitler. You can admire here the grotto under Middle Arsenal Tower, where were hidden some soldiers of the Russian Red Army when they were attacked by the French troops led by Napoleon Bonaparte. The garden and the iron gate there were built by the city municipality to commemorate victory of Russia over the French. In front of the cave you can see an obelisk with a height of around 10 meters which was designed in 1914 at the celebration of the Romanov family.

The grotto under Middle Arsenal Tower

The grotto under Middle Arsenal Tower ©Bernt Rostad/Flick

The Middle East Garden

The Middle East Garden contains the Kutafya Tower of the Kremlin tower and many trees planted by the municipality of the town, wooden benches and chairs. There you can also find pack-mans, a special space arranged for children and a few bars with opened terraces in summer.

The Kutafya Tower

The Kutafya Tower ©Bernt Rostad/Flick

The Lower Garden

The Lower Garden of the Alexandrovki Park in Moscow was built in 1823 and there you can admire another tower of Kremlin, the Borovitskaya Tower. This is the one of the few towers that remained intact over the time. The last garden has two entrances and it is the most visited of all, because this is the place where the Moscow festive events are organized.

The Borovitskaya Tower

The Borovitskaya Tower ©malfet_/Flick

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