Sochi Resort City

Sochi ©merker2007/flickr

Sochi ©merker2007/flickr

Situated north of Russia’s border on the Black Sea coast is a city in Krasnodar Krai called Sochi. It has ninety miles along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains and makes it Russia’s largest resort city. In 2014, it will host the Winter Olympic Games as well as the Paralympic Winter Games. Many major events including Formula 1 Grand Pix will start from 2014 and hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup. Lots of fascinating and exciting events coming up. Its humid subtropical climate of Mediterranean type with a comfortable summer and mild winters makes it very attractive to visit at any time of the year.

Alexey Nikolaevicha Dushkina

When you are here, you must see the summer residence of Moscow V.A. Hludovsky that is located in park Riviera. It is considered one of the most popular resort park of Sochi with a park area of 14.2 hectares. The numerous attractions within the park such as a small sports town, library, a reconcillation bench, a cinema and open-air theatre for actions. A main sight of the park is the friendship Glade where Magnolias are planted by known cosmonauts and politicians. Some known people like G. Titov, A Leonov, V. Tereshkova, V. Sevastyanov, Donald Slejton and Thomas Stafford were amongst the 45 Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts that were planted here.

The old light house with its lantern made in France is also worth a look. The project of Alexey Nikolaevicha Dushkina and the monuments of architecture of the railway station in Sochi is a must see. The building of the railway station has been well recognized as the most beautiful in Europe.

The Diamond Hand

There is a famous comedy where most Russian people know the monologues of the film inside out. It was made in Baku and Sochi and you can take some photographs together with the heroes in this comedy called the Diamond Hand.

Michael Arhangela’s Cathedral

This is the first orthodox temple in the territory of the Black Sea district which was built in memory of the termination of the Caucasian war in 1864. Its name is in honored of the Imperial Highness of Grand duke Michael Nikolaevicha Romanov. He was also the Deputy of Caucasus.

Caucasus Biosphere

©Gitzo S.A./flickr

Caucasus Biosphere

This is a Biosphere reserve with old yew, oaks, mosses, hazels, lichens and beeches. If you have not tried a woodland walk on concrete paths, this is your chance.

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