Shopping in Irkutsk

Shopping for fruits in Irkutsk

Shopping for fruits in Irkutsk ©Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flick

When you are spending several days in the city of Irkutsk, you will surely need to visit some stores either to buy a few souvenirs for yourself or the loved ones either to buy some daily products that you might need. There are many places in the city that you can choose from and we would like to help you by presenting the the most important shopping places in Irkutsk.

In places where you find tourist attractions, you will find many souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for your family or friends. There are many various handicraft products, Matrioshka dolls, traditional Russian hats with ears, keychains with miniature Russian tanks or panoramic city views and many others.

The main street of Irkutsk

The Karl Marx street is the main shopping street of Irkutsk and there you can find many food and non-food stores, kiosks with cotton candy or ice cream, cafes, taverns, bars and fast-food restaurants. Tourists who have an active nightlife will find here some beautifully arranged nightclubs, most of them being equipped with aquariums with iguanas and exotic fish in the inside.

The main street in Irkutsk

The main street in Irkutsk ©neverbutterfly/Flick

The Irkutsk Shopping Center

The largest store in town is the Irkutsk Shopping Center. It covers a large area and has 4 floors. On the ground floor you will find a free parking area with video surveillance, where you can park your car without being lifted until the mall closes. On the first floor you can buy clothes, shoes, underwear, hats, created by world-renowned designers. On the second floor you can admire many shops which offer luxury jewelry of gold, platinum and silver with diamonds or Svarovski crystals and luxury watches. On the third floor you will find furniture and household goods and appliances, and on the top floor is a classic and a 3D cinema, a café for adults where you can smoke and a separate area specially equipped with slides, swings and fast -foods for children. The center is open all year around from Monday to Friday between 09.00-22.00 and on weekends and public holidays between 10.00-24.00.

The city of Irkutsk

The city of Irkutsk ©neverbutterfly/Flick

The Central Market and the Fish Market

The Central Market is the largest in the city and one of the most important shopping places in Irkutsk. It is located at the crossroads of the Dzerhinskogo and Timiryazeva. From here you can buy traditional Russian dishes such as honey, homemade vodka, smoked meat, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, jams, cheese, dairy products, cereals, clothing and jewelry made by the people of this region. Here you can also find products brought from other countries, especially from China.

Shopping for fruits in Irkutsk

Shopping for fruits in Irkutsk ©Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flick

Another important shopping place in Irkutsk is the fish market that is opened only on weekends and legal holidays.

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