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Samara Archaeology Theme Park

Samara Archaeology Theme Park ©Archeology Travel/Flick

The city of Samara is dominated by a humid continental climate. The warmest month of the year is August and the coldest is January. Spring and autumn are normal seasons, rain and temperatures are pretty much normal for this period. Summer rains a lot and the temperatures are high, in winter is snowing a lot, it is quite cold and often freezes, so do not forget to equip your tires with snow chains.

If you have already chosen the date of you Russian vacation, you will need some information regarding the accommodation and shopping facilities in Samara. Let’s see what you can choose from.

Shops and markets in Samara

The largest market in the city of Samara is located in the new center and it is called the Samara Market. From here you can buy various handicrafts, handmade clothing and jewelry, CDs, Matrioshka dolls, famous fur hats, fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats, honey, jams and different alcoholic beverages.

Tourists who prefer nightlife, will find in the student center of Samara numerous nightclubs, terraces, cafes and taverns. Near the mall is also arranged and outdoor 3D cinema, open only at night.

Samara Port

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Accommodation facilities in Samara

The most luxurious hotels in Samara can be found in the center of the city, on the cobbled streets are many hostels and the hostels and the villas of the locals are places in natural areas. On the shores of rivers and lakes the city municipality arranged campgrounds for tourists.

The most popular accommodations in Samara include the four star Meridian Hotel, the Renaissance Samara Hotel, the three star Hostel Aviaotel, the Vega and Ibis Hotel, the Pension Samara and the Villa Pleoge. Most hotels offer tourists all inclusive accommodation packages that include the three main meals of the day, video surveillance parking, internet and access to the pool and spa. The rooms are equipped with refrigerator, air conditioning, shower or bath, towels and bathrobes, safe, minibar and telephone.

The city of Samara

The city of Samara ©Evgenii/Flick

Tourists who prefer staying at one of the local hostels and villas in Samara will have good conditions. Besides of this they will have the opportunity to taste traditional Russian dishes and in the yard of the accommodation units are special areas for children, animal cages, pools and places for people who want to make grills.

As we already mentioned, there are several campsites of the shores of the lakes for tourists who want to camp with caravan or tent. They have places for those who want to make barbecues or bonfires, containers for sorted waste disposal, a grocery store with non-stop program, wooden tables, toilets and showers.

Samara Archaeology Theme Park

Samara Archaeology Theme Park ©Archeology Travel/Flick


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