Shopping and accommodation in Perm

The surrounding of Perm

The surrounding of Perm ©Marywhotravels/Flick

In the city of Perm in Russia is a humid continental climate. Spring and autumn are rainy but sunny seasons, so do not forget to put in luggage and umbrella both agains rain and sun. During the warm season the temperatures are quite high and it rains a lot, the hottest month of the year is July and the frosty month is January. In winter the temperatures are very low, it often in rains, snows and it is freezing. If you travel to Perm during the cold season, do not forget to equip your car with snow chains.

Now let’s see some shopping places and accommodation possibilities in the city of Perm.

Rotunda in Perm

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Shops and markets in Perm

The city of Perm is full of markets, shops, restaurants, hotels, taverns, summer terraces, cinemas and many other attractions. The largest and the oldest market of the city is the Rinok Market.

The most visited shopping place in Perm is the bazaar, which is located downtown. Here you will find numerous stalls and shops where you can buy clothes, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, carpets, glasses, CDs, tools, etc. The most comprehensive mall in town is the Univermag commercial center. It can be found at the intersection of the Lenin street and the Prospekt Komsolmosky street. Tourists who have an active nightlife will find several clubs, cafes and restaurants with non-stop schedule near the University in downtown.

The city of Perm

The city of Perm ©Aleksandr Zykov/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Perm

In the city of Perm you can choose from a great variety of accommodation places. In the center there are many luxury hotels, a few hostels and pensions of the locals, and on its outskirts you can be accommodated in one of the tourist villas or campgrounds.

Some of the most popular accommodation places in Perm are: Hilton Garden Inn, Perm Hotel, Ural Hotel, Pension Karma, Hotel New Star and Azar Hostel. All hotels offer customers all inclusive accommodation packages that include the three main meals of the day, internet, parking with video surveillance, and access to the pool and the spa of the hotel. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, shower or bath, towels, bathrobes, cable TV, refrigerator, safe, phone and minibar. Hotel fare varies between 50 and 70 euro for a double room per night, depending on several aspects. Inside the hotels and hostels pets are strictly forbidden.

Tourists who want to check in at one of the local hostels or tourist villas can find many variations. If you want to camp with caravan or tent, you will find specially arranged place by the city municipality. It is located on the Kama River and has a grocery store with non-stop program, showers, benches and wooden log chairs, containers for sorted waste disposal and parking with video surveillance.

The surrounding of Perm

The surrounding of Perm ©Marywhotravels/Flick

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